Ultimate Reset Phase 2 (week 2) Personal Review

Well folks, I am still alive.


Phase 2 is COMPLETE!

This Ultimate Reset is NO JOKE. Learn more about WHY you might wanna consider this program in this 8 minute video:

You really need to plan a 3 week time of NO travel, enough sleep, and be willing to PLAN your meals WELL.

Here is my Week 2: PHASE 2: Release Meal Plan

You will start learning ALL sorts of things about your body during phase 2: Release.
Didn’t read about Phase 1: Reclaim? Read about it HERE!

Skin is unbelievably clear! YAY for that!

This week was a little harder with the DETOX packet added to the regimen 3 times a day. At least it tasted good! ha! (That daily alkalinize packet is going to be one thing I am SOOO happy is done at the end of this.) The DETOX packet really got things moving in my intestines. Nothing drastic, it was gentle, but definitely “regular” and cleansing. I feel LIGHT this week. Very LIGHT. My mind, my stress, my body is just “light”. I can tell something is happening inside my body. My skin is starting to Clear, my hunger is different… not so gnawing… more controlled and annoying more than anything.

But I enjoyed most of the food, and welcomed it GREATLY.

A few interesting things I found:

A) The meals were not “exciting”, “rich”, or “super flavorful” but they were always what my body wanted. Once I started EATING, it was like, “YES! This is AWESOME.”

B) My stomach is shrinking… not only can I actually SEE it when I look in the mirror, but I when I eat, I can fill up after just a few cups of salad/veggies/soup and stay full for a few hours.

C) I could skip the optional snack during Phase 1, but oh baby! NOT IN PHASE 2. I NEEDED that snack to keep going in the day and not feel like I was starving.

D) I was grateful I had bought extra of the foods that I know I liked, because there were def some foods I just couldn’t do….. Miso Soup…. which you find on EVERY page of the plan… is sometihng I ABHOR. I hate it. I just do! So I had a lot more sweet potatoes/beets/onions and quinoa, and pinto beans and rice than anything else.

E) Anxiety…. that thing that happens when you can’t stop your brain… you are worried constantly about what is happening, how its going to happen and what you need to do to be prepared for it… etc. Well….. I have been VERY chill. I have MANY things to be STRESSED about. A TON of things happened this month that are not cool. MANY things. More stressful things have happened this phase 2 week, than has happened in the last 2 months of my life. And yet, I ‘m chill. I can easily fall asleep at night. No endless wishing my brain would stop thinking. What does this tell me??? Something NEW, that I DIDN’T KNOW about myself before: That my FOOD CHOICES affect my ability to DEAL. My FOOD affects my anxiety!!!! “AHA” moment of the year! It never dawned on me that what I ate that day, can affect how crazy my brain is. Makes sense… after all the studies I’ve read, but didn’t put 2+2 together until this Reset when I took sugar 100% out, processed foods 100% out, animal foods 100% OUT, and all of a sudden I am SO clear. I am amazingly CLEAR on my thoughts, what needs to be done, how to get it all done, etc. It is AMAZING people!

Day 8, Phase 2:Day 1 Dinner

Phase 2 break down (Days 8-14)
Day 1: Was good, not much changed in my body.

Day 2: I was HUNGRY all day. I messaged my support group leader, and he said I could up my portions until I was sure I was FULL each meal I ate. So I did, and only had to add 5-6 more bites, but it helped a lot. I think my metabolism is SPEEDING up a lot.

Cherry Chocolate Cobbler Breakfast
Day 11, Phase 2: Day 4

Day 3: Hungry a little, but its changing… had more bathroom time today. 🙂 I KNOW you are excited to know that tidbit of info. 😀

Day 4: This day was a CRAZY day with the family, and they ate some of my MOST fav foods…. deep dish buttery, extra cheese pizza. I just SMELLED the box over and over. Not kidding. But I ate my clean foods. I promise! I even exercised a few times during this week. 🙂

Little bit of yoga and some CRUNCHES
for my #C2C Group 🙂

Day 5: Today my meals got WAY behind with distractions. I packed my food for a dinner away (YAY for dedication!) But I didn’t eat dinner until 8pm, and missed my snack… not good. My tummy was a little upset in the morning, and that whole next day I felt OFF.

Day 6: Good day. Everything went as planned. I am noticing I am a little irritable, but I am tired. I am feeling fatigue a lot. My brain is telling me to go lay down and read and sleep…. but my to-do list says otherwise…. so I am VERY tired at bed time. I had more bathroom time today that is feeling very “cleansing…” hahaha!

Day 7: Good day, a lot going on with the kids, emotional disappointments, and family stress and things to do that I don’t like to do…. but like I said, I felt CHILL about it all. Which was cool. 🙂

And here we are! Day 1 of Phase 3, day 15. I am feeling fatigue today, but again, my life is a constant flow of things and naps are not in the picture for me today so I am just breathing deeply, going through my to-do list strategically, and doing my best to just remain calm and collected.

I am honestly SO happy I am doing this for ME.
My body NEEDED to be cleaned OUT.
Here is my PERSONAL video sharing a few tips I found to be helpful, and some insights I found during phase 2!

I look forward to finishing phase 3 next week, and will report ALL my results, measurements, and findings then!

xo – Robyn 

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Thank the heavens for Shakeology
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