Ultimate Reset—– the PLANNING

It is TIME.

Ultimate Reset is a program CAREFULLY designed to help you body go back to “factory settings” as close as possible.

It is not a “cleanse” like you might be thinking.

You don’t STARVE.
You eat food the whole time.
There is no lemon water or cabbage soup. πŸ˜‰

There are no packets with 15 capsules to down in one gulp.

This program is designed to bring your body to a healthy pH, reducing inflammation, yeast issues, and overall wellness.
It is designed to bring your EMOTIONS to a healthy state.
It is designed to help you LISTEN to what your individual body NEEDS.

I have wanted to do this program for a LONG time.
But I knew it was INTENSE, and that I’d need to FOCUS, and not be traveling or feeling super stressed about deadlines or family situations.
So I waited.
And waited.
And waited some more.

And I wanted to do it in September! Finally. 18 months after I learned about it!
But I looked over my calendar, and did an internal inventory of stressors…. and it was not a good time.
October we were all over the place, traveling 4 different times as a family.
November was filled with traveling and personal stressors.
And as I looked at my Calendar for December, there was no trips planned, until the VERY last 3 days of the year.
As for stressors? Just 1. And it comes on Day 2 of this reset. But if I wait any longer, I’ll be doing this on Christmas Day, and with several family members coming into town Christmas Eve, I just don’t think that will be awesome. So—–> we are beginning tomorrow. πŸ˜€

I received my Ultimate Reset package Nov 28, and briefly skimmed over the contents, looked at a few of the recipes, and then decided I’d get it back out Nov 30 and really dig in and see what I need to do to get ready. Remember, I had done reading about it extensively already through the year, so it wasn’t all completely new to me. If this is your FIRST time hearing about it, I SUGGEST YOU GIVE YOURSELF a good WEEK to get ready! Not 2 days. πŸ˜‰

Although, I did join the Ultimate Reset Facebook group and got a lot of questions answered, as well as logged into the “Participant Portal” that is available and I am just ASTOUNDED at the great support and info available for those doing this reset!!

I spent 2 hours yesterday meal planning, and shopping, and mentally preparing for this.
I looked over my calendar, and what days we have things going (which is….. every day!) and mentally SEEING myself take my supplements with me, and setting alarms on my phone to keep me on track.

I also have been praying about this, and feel that it is right for me and my body to do some heavy cleaning out at this time.

I believe that our bodies DO send us messages that something is wrong, in the form of irregular digestion, headaches, fatigue, etc. And my body is giving me several messages for almost 8 months now, that it needs help. Nothing drastic, unlike in January of 2012, which you can read about HERE. But just enough that its been in the back of my mind that I need to take some time for ME, and really focus on my health and my eating patterns. I also realize now, more than ever, after reading about toxins and metals and how our liver processes these things, that it DOES need help sometimes. So I am helping my body do its job, better. I’m grateful for that!


I ultimately want to do this Reset to regulate my digestion, which I KNOW from studying digestion and all that it effects, will help SO many other areas of my health that are not optimal right now.
I am suffering from irregular digestion 3 or so days a week, and my complexion is not as good as it HAS been, I’d like to lose a few pounds, and see if I can reduce the congestion and bloating I get a few times a week as well. Why are these important to me? Because I know that when I feel GOOD, and OPEN, my mind is CLEAR….. and I wake up in the morning feeling rested….. I am putting myself in the place to LIVE, to LOVE, and to LAUGH through life. My kids and my husband deserve me at my best. I deserve me at my best. And I know that by taking the time to be really focused on ME, and my body and my health I have a great chance at becoming an even better version of myself.

So here we go.
Day 1 will be published soon! πŸ™‚

I took measurements and pictures this morning, too!
I’ll post my side by side photos on the morning after day 21.

Stay tuned!

And THANK YOU for being on this journey with me.
Your support means a lot.
Feel free to comment and ask questions along our way.

xo- Robyn

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