Your very own Reality

Every time I read this quote…. it strikes a cord with me. 
Because it’s something that is TRUE. And yet it is something that people don’t like to talk about.
I am learning that those “things” people don’t like to talk about, admit, and be open about, are often the “things” that they NEED to conquer, to be able to MOVE ON in their lives.
So if you look back on a few “failures” that you REALLY wanted to conquer…. and say things like, “I’m just not like that.” Or “I just can’t talk to people about this.” Or “I am too busy [AKA inconsistent/not dedicated] to make it work for me.” Or “I can’t sustain something like this.” Or “This is just not something that is meant to be.” OR “this just isn’t REALISTIC for us/me.” Then you might want to start being REAL with yourself, and seeing where those thoughts are taking you.
If you FELT that stirring at the thought of a change/opportunity…. you FELT a light of belief……you KNEW that it was something that would improve your life, your marriage, your relationships, your bank account. I’ll let you in on a little SECRET….. LIGHT and STIRRINGS in your heart, and THOUGHTS OF HAPPINESS…. come from GOODNESS, which, in my belief system means it’s from GOD. And those DARK feelings of self pity, failure, and “can’t” and “it pushes me too far” and makes you feel LITTLE….. those feelings are NOT from a good place…. and in my belief system, is Satan ensuring that you stay MEDIOCRE, LOGICAL, and STAGNANT.