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SEE the PDF document HERE:  7DayCLEANandHealthyEatingMealPlanwithSHOPPINGlist


*Shakeology is OPTIONAL but highly suggested for overall health and can be purchased here: www.myshakeology.com/robynwhitworth

Any meal suggested for Shakeology can be substituted by Another Menu option listed above in the Meal ideas. Plan your Shopping list accordingly. This list is for the Menu above:



1 cucumber

Small Bunch Bananas (for Shakeology, if you are opting out of that, don’t need to buy)

1 bunch celery

2 full carrots (for fries)

1 1lb bag baby carrots

2 bags of Leaf Lettuce (spring mix or baby spinach), or 2 heads of leaf lettuce

3 apples

1 small bag Grapes

2 bell peppers

2 large onions

1 medium zucchini

1 mango

2 tomatoes

2 avocados

1 pk Fresh basil

1 pk Fresh Cilantro



1 16 oz container FRESH salsa (no sugar)

Turkey Pepperoni

3 oz turkey breast, nitrate free deli meat

8 oz low fat mozzarella

8 oz cheddar

String Cheese

4 Fish Fillets (true cod or tilapia)

1 lb lean ground Turkey

4 Chicken Breasts

3 Whole Wheat Pitas

1 container Hummus

Turkey Bacon


DAIRY/Refrigerated Section

16 oz 1% milkfat Cottage Cheese

½ gallon Vanilla Almond Milk (for Shakeology, so if you are opting out of that, don’t buy)

½ gallon regular milk

2, 6-8 oz containers plain greek yogurt

7 eggs


FROZEN foods

1lb bag blueberries

1lb bag mixed berries

1lb bag petite peas

1lb bag corn



1 jar natural peanut butter (or other nut butter of your choice)


Small bottle Sriracha Sauce

TrailMix (I make my own in our bulk section. But look for one with almonds, seeds, and dried blueberries or craisins)

8 oz Raw Honey (look for the words, UNFILTERED or UNCOOKED on the label)

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (for pancakes, smallest package you can find, at least 2 lbs)

Low Carb Tortillas (mixed grain is ok, doesn’t have to be whole wheat)

Corn Tortillas (you’ll need 2 for fish tacos, but they come in packages of at least 12)

Olive OIL or Coconut Oil, at least 16 oz

Lemon Juice- at least 8 oz

Liquid Aminos, at least 8 oz (usually found in the oriental section, or health section- ASK)

1 can Apple sauce- look for unsweetened

1 can Artichoke Hearts

1 can Chili Beans (they are CALLED Chili beans, not pinto or other variety)

1 small bag of popping corn kernels

4 oz chopped pecans

small jar Roasted Red Peppers

Dave’s Killer Bread or other Protein packed bread- 3 slices (might be on hand)


ON HAND- In your Pantry already:

Balsamic Vinegar

White Vinegar



Baking Powder


Ground Cumin

Garlic Powder

Worcestershire Sauce

Chili Powder


Vanilla Extract

Yellow Curry Powder

Dried Herbs- Basil, Oregano, Parsley

Himalayan Salt* OPT but is VERY healthy for the body, usually found in the Salt and          Spices section if you don’t already have some at home.


If these ITEMS in the ON HAND section are NOT in your pantry, add them to the shopping list!



2 items at home that will make things easier:


*2 good NON stick saute pans. A 6-8 inch for smaller items, like eggs, and a 12-14” one for bigger items like stir-fry’s and cooking chopped chicken, burgers, popcorn (if you don’t have an air popper), and pancakes.