A Generation’s Worth of Food Abuse

100 years ago this photo would not have made sense to many people. More often than not it is not BOREDOM for me….. as much as nervousness, disappointment, and coping. I am coming to find that I seriously get a BUZZ from processed and rediculously sugary foods. A literal, buzzing, fogginess to my brain for a good 20 minutes after eating them.
You only discover this after going without them for a LONG enough period of time that you find the serious LACK of buzzing going on.
Everything is crazy clear.
It’s almost difficult to bear sometimes.
The reality of life with no food buzzes.
But that is where gratitude comes in.
God PROVIDED us with FOOD.
Our bodies are DESIGNED to enjoy food, so that we will use it, because our bodies NEED it. Why else would our tongues have taste buds? 🙂
Plants, herbs, spices, fruits/veggies, grains and even occasionally animal foods are meant to be eaten.
But we’ve just abused it.
The cunning industries of the day have enslaved many of us to FOOD addiction. Messing up our hormones, our brain power, our willpower, our digestion (which affects all areas of our lives), our very abilities to make wise choices and feel awesome are linked to nutrition.
Why oh why is nutrition not a bigger educational platform from a young age?
Because people don’t want to look at it.
It’s been generations.
Again, this photo would not have made sense to anyone 100 yrs ago.
This is OUR fight.
Our challenge.
not hungry, bored