Feb 1 is GO TIME. Are you in?

Oh my goodness. I JUST checked into one of the most amazing accountability groups! People are cheering, and sharing recipes right and left, and holy smokes. #isthisreallymyJOB?
Feb 8 begins our next group for WOMEN, and REGISTRATION just opened last night! I have already messaged my VIP friends about this group- those that ASKED me to keep in touch with them- and now we are ready to GO PUBLIC with this group.
Before I used home workouts, I tried the gym…. I hated the gym. The smell. The nasty public locker/restroom compared to the VIP status areas with lounging chairs and plasmas over the hot tubs. Not my jam. The stares. The people that were hurting themselves because they had no idea what they were doing. Crowded fitness groups/rooms. I just couldn’t do it. Not my thing. I realize it is for some people… but not me. I thought I just “wasn’t an athletic person.” That gyms were for “hard core” people. Not even close. Gyms are just gyms. For people that like that atmosphere to work out, go with their friends, want to pay for a VIP getaway, whatever it may be.
BUT when I started to see real changes/results… from workouts in my basement… on my own time…. in whatever I felt like wearing…  I was hooked. I LOVED at home workouts!
Who knew!?!?
Sometimes you never know if you’ll like something… until you try it. In fact…. every time.
Then i added a daily milkshake that is filled with superfoods and a TON of other ingredients…. and man. I feel amazing. My whole health game was elevated! I lost the last 10 lbs of weight I had been FIGHTING to get off, after my initial larger loss- and my BRAIN fog all but left.  THAT was amazing.

.Are you UP for the

I am officially down to 138 lbs from 185 lbs, and have lost 41 inches. ALL from effective, world class, at home workouts, eating right (with the occasional brownie and froyo) And guess what? I’m maintaining it. I began this journey in 2012. Here we are! 4 years later, and I’m still kickin’ it.  Because its not a fad. It was a LIFETIME change.
My body is strong, my mind is healthy, and I am looking to SHARE these products with YOU!

Registration is open NOW, until Feb 1! Just 11 days away!
SO stinkin’ excited!!!!!

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Once I see YOUR name in my CLIENT base——> YOU will be contacted, and we’ll solidify your GOALS and where to BEGIN!

SO excited to meet you, and help you find those Changes in your health you are looking for!