Outer Shells

As I passed myself in the mirror one morning , I loved what I saw.
Its been happening more and more.
There were many years that I would cringe inwardly and just move on past the mirrors as fast as I could.
Who was that tired, overweight woman who often stayed behind when fun opportunities came up, for fear of injury, suffering from constant headaches, feeling general pessimism and sarcasm staring back at me?
What happened to the spunky, class-clown, jump at the chance for adventure, able to hike and feel optimistic Robyn that I knew so well once?
She had been lost to emotional eating, stress, self shaming thought patterns, and lies she’d been telling herself about her abilities and purpose.
2012 was a defining year for me.
I found out I wasn’t being responsible about my body. I wasn’t doing my husband or kids any favors by allowing my weight to creep up and my health to creep down.
There were tears.
There was a moment I vividly remember, when I stood in my bathroom and with tears in my eyes said out loud, ‘No more!’
And I’ve never looked back.
I’ve slipped a few times.
Needed a hand many times.
But I continue on my course!
Chipping off that outer shell I put on all those years, and finding my true self emerge.
And I do like myself.
Seems weird to say it.
But I do.
Do you have an outer shell to shed as well?

passing in the mirror