We are meant to have JOY!

On this Sunday morning, these words from a talk I heard last night keep echoing in my mind.
‘God didn’t design us to be sad… He designed us to have joy.’ – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I have pondered on those words all evening and this morning.
It’s truth.
All the physiology and science of our bodies and mind lend evidence that our human bodies are the most healthy, the most vibrant, the most positive when we are feeling a measure if personal JOY. And when we are unhealthy, feeling like we have no purpose, not serving others, and saying/feeling hurtful things, we are indeed sad.
I know these are ‘obvious’ observations.
But for me, it was another awakening to a truth.
For I am a truth seeker. šŸ™‚
And wish to be a truth speaker.
You were not designed by God to be sad!
You were designed to feel JOY!
The science of physical health and mental health by living purposefully without fear and with knowledge of your personal worth, faith and hope, shows that JOY is abundantly out there for us to gather.
There is no set of credentials you need to feel joy.
It is your choice!
YOU are designed for it.
Choose to do those things you know will bring you joy.

Happy Sunday!
Xo- Robyn