Who has the power to choose? That’s right, YOU DO!!

Sometimes we are paralyzed by FEAR of what others will think about us.
But you know what I have learned?

That when you feel that way, two things are happening.

#1: You are judging others. Yep. It’s true. Don’t deny it! It’s time to GET REAL if you plan to ever be BRAVE and try something NEW that will change your life! If you are judging others, you will naturally be afraid that they are judging you also. That is THEE ONLY reason you’d be afraid that people are thinking ill of you, is if you have thought ill of someone else. Otherwise, you’d think the BEST of everyone, and truly believe they have the best intentions! And if you truly DO think the best of others, then the fear is ALL IN YOUR HEAD, because in MY experience, 95% of the time, people DO have great thoughts about you and DO wish you happy things. If they don’t JOIN you in your thoughts and career or hobby group, its not their thing, and thats OK!

#2: The people that you are worried about CARING about the change you want in your life, carry some weight on your life somehow. They must be writing your paychecks. They must own your house. They must be clothing your children. They must be blackmailing you. They must be abusing their relationship with you if they feel they can CONTROL your choices to bend to their wishes.

Which one is it?
And at the end of the day……. #1 is in your head, and #2 is actually NOT very common, and if it IS the reason you fear what these people think… its time to seriously think about getting out from under their thumb. There is MORE to life than that!

So be BOLD.
Have faith!
YOUR GOALS are YOUR GOALS! Your DREAMS are YOURS! You CAN create the life you want without LIMITS! You CAN invite people to join you in amazing goals and adventures, and there WILL be people that are READY to take that jump to live without abandon! To live, love, laugh, and BE HAPPY all the time, because YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE it. Don’t EVER forget that. YOU HAVE THE POWER to CHOOSE.
Every human does.
I’m learning to choose more happiness DAILY.
Through my food choices. Who I choose to spend time with. Through the things I choose to read and ponder on. Through choosing to keep my body in good condition. By CHOOSING to be proactive in my days, and CREATE my future as I see fit. Because at the end of the day……. I write my paychecks. And I decide what I do, and who I am becoming. And at the end of the day, I DO believe in the goodness of humanity! I DO believe there are MANY people out there that want GOOD things to happen in life, and WANT goodness in their life, and DO celebrate the good things that happen to others. xo- Robyn