From Stress….to Peace

Stress AND depression can come when we are telling ourselves false stories. I am sharing this, not because its a great concept… But because I have experienced it personally… Several times.
Are you telling yourself stories that are just not true?
Are you actually verbally saying things to others that are not true?
Example: “we are poor. We just dont have any money.”
What might actually be the case—> You have money, for you have shelter, clothes, and you are not starving. Its simply that your money is allocated. So next time your friend wants to go out, and you know you dont have funds, dont say “we’re too poor. We are broke. We have no money.”
Say, “oh! Thank you for inviting me!!! Our cash is actually already budgeted for something else this week.”
What you say, is what your brain will believe, and what will be perpetuated in your life.
Every time.
I promise.
If you desire to build a business, and its not going well, but find yourself saying things like, “Why isnt anyone interested? Why dont my friends and family help more readily? My kids are taking all my extra time. My life is crazy. My mind is not working. I am so frustrated that this is not growing faster!”
What did you just say???
No one is interested.
Your friends and family dont help you.
Your kids take ALL your time.
Your life is crazy.
Your mind isnt working.
You are frustrated, and what you are doing doesnt work.
Well folks, what you focus on expands.
You CAN control the controllables.
But not everything.
Don’t do that to yourself!
You’ll allow unfounded guilt to eat at you. You’ll find your core values being rocked as you say things are happening that you dont WANT to be happening.
And that, causes stress AND depression.
So listen to yourself today.
What are you focusing on??????
What are you going to believe at the end of today?
You’ll experience more peace in life as you serve others, offer opportunities, and take responsibility for you.