Mantra of the day

Mantra of the day!
I was in the insurance office a few weeks ago, and was blessed to see a man who remained calm when a woman was out of control.
While she was yelling and swearing, in front of MANY people working through insurance issues (thank you President Obama), he remained composed and replied quietly to her needs, and at the end of her rant, he gave her a water bottle and an Andes Mint, and escorted her out. I think the entire lobby wanted to start clapping. His composure, kept ALL of us composed.
ONE person was able to affect 25+ people in a 5 minute segment of life.
I felt blessed to have seen it, and understood who REALLY was in charge of that conversation.
Its a lesson I learned about 18 months ago.
The LEADER, the REAL person dominating a 1:1 conversation, is not the one talking.

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