The stories that are not true

Sometimes we tell ourselves stories that are simply not true, but we’ve told them so long, that we start to believe them.
Examples of false stories:
1. My husband/or partner is to blame for my crappy marriage.
2. We have no money.
3. My kids keep me from doing what I want to do.
4. I have no time for myself.
5. Eating healthy is expensive.
6. My husband would never give up soda or candy!
7. God is punishing me.
8. I am not ‘like that.’ (when referring to a business opportunity or career path that you think is awesome- but use this phrase in reference to a reason you feel you should not pursue.)

It’s time my friends. STOP it. Dig deep and be honest with yourself. You are the ONLY one that can change the stories you tell yourself. Here is how to possibly change these stories:
1. I am grateful for a man that chose to love me despite my imperfections!! What can I do for him today to show my gratitude?
2. I am grateful we have the ability to work! Our budget is simple- and will not cover every whim we desire- so we’ll strive to be careful with what we are blessed with.
3. I am the only one who can choose what I act upon. My children can and need to learn patience as I find and develop those gifts and talents God blessed me with.
4. God loves me! And I know my family does too! They will support me as I get to learn about myself and become a better mom/wife/sister/friend as I do tasks that empower and edify me!
5. Eating the right foods will take some adjusting, but the foods we stop buying and the medical bills we will forfeit are worth a fortune!
6. My husband’s food choices do not affect my food choices. I can choose for myself, and I know he may be inspired as I stop complaining and change for the better.
7. I have so many opportunities to grow and change! Life is nothing without growth! I am grateful to have the ability to choose how I react!
8. I can change, and pursue anything I envision!

Have a powerful Saturday!!

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