Easter Eggs

Sooo… I Bake my Easter eggs…
My house does not smell, and it’s super easy.
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Preheat oven to 300 F and place eggs on a cookie sheet and bake for 40 mins.
Prepare an ice water bath in a large bowl, when the eggs are just about ready to come out.
Once out, I use tongs to place them in the ice bath, and 20 mins or so later, they are ready to go back in the carton to await coloring! When I take them out of the water bath, i gently dry them and rub off any small brown specks from the baking. You may see people use muffin tins. I don’t do this, because it left marks everywhere the egg touched the pan- so this way reduces that risk.


I also don’t use commercial egg dying kits.  For the homemade dye:
1/2 c boiling water, 2 tsp vinegar and 10 drops of food coloring! Examples: Orange- 6 red, 4 yellow. Green- 6 blue, 4 yellow. Purple- 6 red, 4 blue. For glitter designs use nail polish, or glue, paintbrush and glitter! Happy Easter!!