Find what works, and STICK WITH IT!

What works for you? Home fitness? or the Gym? or a mix of both? Or just outside running and the occasional gym class?

I LOVE waking up and knowing that I have a 30 minute workout to do, and that is IT. I KNOW that is not the cup of tea for everyone… but for me? Thats what works. That is what will work for LIFE for me. Some people love exercise, and would LIVE at a gym if they could. I do NOT love exercise…. I LOVE what exercise does for my body and mind. So a gym is not for me. I am so grateful for effective home fitness programs. SO GRATEFUL. I am coming to discover about myself, that one of the core reasons I did NOT exercise before I got into Beachbody was simply that I didn’t enjoy the gym… and thought that if I were to ever by fit, I’d have to go to a gym. Guess what? NOT TRUE.

I will never forget the time that I was invited to go to the popular gym in town with a friend. I got brave, put on my big girl undies, and went. She KNEW I had aversions to public exercise, but kept telling me how FUN it was….

We got there…. had to have a special person verify that I was really there with a guest pass… and had to agree that afterwards I would chat with someone about my experience AKA, pressured to buy a membership. When we went to the class, the instructor was really great! The music was a little weird, and the room smelled like bodies. Sweaty bodies. NOT what I was expecting. But ok, I went with it. And the class was hard, and I was sweaty, but I noticed that the other people in the class were not really doing it right, and laughing and visiting…. which is ok, but man, I was here to WORK. And I noticed that the most fit people were on the front row of the class and the heavier people at the back. Why is that I wondered? Anyway. Short story shorter, I didn’t have a great time. And never went back. I almost raised my voice at the man that pressured me about the membership…. and how I wasn’t doing anyone favors by not committing to my health goals and letting my family down by not giving them a safe place to exercise and missing out on having friends with the same goals…… wow. That was one of the most UNinspiring moments relating to my health I have EVER had. I have gone to a gym probably 6 times in my life, and honestly the thing that I didnt like, was the time (and the sweaty body smell… and the special sections for VIP exercisers- really?)! I had to drive there, get a sitter most of the time, get my belongings stowed safely, get into my groove, then drive home and get the kids, and my goodness. It was at LEAST an hour to an hour and a half event each time. Not to mention the cost.

Like I said before, I just dont LOVE to exercise. I do it out of duty to my body and my mind. It is not a social event, although I do enjoy the support and accountability I get with others that are exercising daily for their bodies and minds right along with me. And if I’m going to do it, it better be EFFECTIVE, FAST, and hard, and in and out. No chit chat, no sweaty body smells. Just in and out and DONE and DONE. Thats what works for me.

Find out what works for YOU, and stick with it! So you look forward to your workouts! Explore and find that plan that WORKS and gives you RESULTS, and stick with it.