My Quality of Life has changed

As I was making my shopping list and menus the other night, and then proceeded to go grocery shopping, I was reminded of a time when the food was just food, and our meals meant we weren’t hungry, and as long as it tasted good, we were fine with it. We were in control……. of what we could SEE.

I had learned about the basic food groups (or what they TOLD me were the food groups…) thanks to public education, so we had some fruit and some veggies….. along with our carb loaded, cheese loaded, salt loaded and nutrition deficient main courses. Those days the meals were planned around the MEAT. What would the MEAT be, and then what sides went with it? So steak, roast, chicken breast, pepperoni, eggs, fish fillets, and hamburger. That was our menu planning.

And it continued for several years. I battled weight gain, my husband battled weight loss, and together we battled poor immune systems, ups and downs with hormones, depression off and on, we attributed it to just the regular ebb and flow of young crazy college, married life. We both considered ourselves active- playing basketball, volleyball, going bowling and skating and walking around a lot— then we got a good job, graduated, and built/bought a house and had a few more babies with some more ebb and flow… but the EBBS and FLOWS were getting bigger…… Then there came a time when all of a sudden we weren’t in control any more.

Despite our efforts we couldn’t get pregnant when we felt we should, and my body was SCREAMING at me that something was wrong, and I barely took it as a whisper.

After realizing that 18 months was long enough, and some other symptoms that included 10 lbs inside of a month being gained, hormonal issues and bodily symptoms that were new, extreme headaches and tiredness led me to the doc. I expected the blanket answers. But what i got was NOT a blanket, in any sense of the word….

The doctor looked me in the eye and said, “You need to change your life style or you will be on medication for life, within just a few years. You’ve got to stop eating sugar, stay away from excess carbs, and lose about 40 lbs.” She handed me a stack of papers showing me my blood test results, some info on diabetes and sent me on my way.

What the what?!?!?!?

I was actually using p90x three times a week at this point……..
I was putting fruits and veggies and dairy and meat and grains on our dinner table each night.
I wasn’t bingeing on cinnamon rolls and ice cream more than any one else…….
There was NO family history of diabetes in my family…….

So I cried.
And I prayed, and I cried some more.
And then I researched the disease. And read books on it, and studies that showed it COULD be reversed through good diet and effective daily exercise. And more than that, I learned that more than THIS disease are not being educated truthfully about. I started to dig deeper and learned about the corrupt system that governs our health care. The corrupt systems that monitor our nutritional labels. The corrupt systems that decide what is taught as “proper” nutrition in my children’s public schools. The lobbying for FDA standards. The down right dirty, dishonest and amazingly cruel ways our foods are produced on the commercial scale. And started to find out some people that are trying to expose these things, and teach it RIGHT. I found some good ones! There are MANY— thank you America for freedom of the press. And I felt a push to share my own story in hopes of helping others. So if you wonder what these Challenges I am doing are, and why—– this is a big part of it. I am finding that the more lives I help, my life just keeps getting better! I keep researching little by little– keep finding bits and pieces of truth as I expand my mind and network! I am so grateful to have found a company that shares my beliefs and standards to work with, and trained me to make an income from this. I am so grateful I can work from home, and that now—–
WE ARE BACK IN CONTROL. I have lost those 40 lbs, my husband has gained, and we just looked over our medical receipts from 2014 in preparation for taxes and guess what? NEITHER my husband or myself have seen ONE medical doctor (except a few regular dental cleanings, and a few chiropractor visits) this entire year. We don’t have any Rx’s, and we are so grateful!

Yes, I may spend a bit more on my food, and I may take a little different approach to my menu planning (no more centered on meat….)—- but you know, to make a difference in the world, you have to be different.

quality of life