The truth about what you can’t see

“Let’s say you’re in a tough place in your life. The scales are tipped badly, the negative side tilted way down. Whether it’s your health, or your finances, or your marriage, or your career … whatever it is, you’ve reached a place where many years of simple errors in judgment have compounded over time, and you’re feeling it. You’re behind the eight ball. It sure would be nice if, somehow, you could do something dramatic. If you just wake up tomorrow and have it all
turned around—snap your fingers and change it. That might happen, in a movie. But this is your life. What can you do? What happens if you add one small, simple, positive action to the success side? Nothing you can see. What happens if you add one more? Nothing you can see. What happens if you keep adding one more, and one more, and one more, and one more …
Before too long, you see the scales shift, ever so slightly. And then again. And eventually, that heavy “failure” side starts to lift, and lift, and lift … and the scales start swinging your way. No matter how much negative weight from the past is on the other side, just by adding those little grams of success, one at a time (and by not adding more weight to the failure side), you will eventually and
inevitably begin to shift the scales in your favor.
Way back in the beginning, when you add the first few morsels of positive action, if you judge your choices by the evidence of your eyes, you won’t see the scales move at all and that will frustrate you. It frustrates nineteen out of twenty people so much, they quit. And that is the saddest thing I can think of.”
– Compound Effect

Don’t give up on your goals! If you don’t have goals, MAKE SOME!!! Make big ones! Big enough that you will fail on some of them! If you are always reaching your goals, you aren’t setting them high enough.follows the crowd