Weekend Weight gain…..and how to SHAKE IT OFF!

I gained 4 lbs over the weekend…. what is my GO-TO recipe for getting back on track?

1 drinking cup that holds 16 oz
1 good attitude
1 workout that is 30 min+
and some fresh food on hand
72-96 hours.

What do my “Holiday Hang-over” days look like?
I drink 16 oz cold water BEFORE every meal. This helps to flush out toxins from processed foods, too much sugar, and just rejuvenates my body from head to toe. I strive for at least 80 oz of WATER over the day.

I utilize Shakeology for Breakfast, and again for an afternoon pick me up snack.

For lunch, I go heavy on the grains and protein! Some common choices are a breakfast burrito, hamburger wrapped in lettuce and baked sweet potato with coconut oil, cinnamon and pecans, or two fried eggs (in coconut oil) seasoned with himalayan salt sauteed with 2 cups spinach on Dave’s killer toast. Or a Chicken Salad/Avocado whole wheat pita.

For Dinner, I will go LIGHT. Always 3-4 cups leafy green SALAD, usually laden with Mexican flavored (chili powder, salsa, garlic, lime, cumin) grilled chicken strips or steak, and onions and peppers sautéed with it- and some plain greek yogurt and Lime juice for some creamy sauce.

And IF I need a late night something for a hungry tummy- 2-3 cups popcorn with cold Lemon water.

I also try my HARDEST to get to bed with enough time to be RESTING for at least 7-8 hours each night.

I make sure to read at least 10 pages a day of POSITIVE brain building books, such as The Compound Effect, The Slight Edge, or Magic of Thinking Big.

And I do a 30min+ workout at home 5-6 days a week, and ESP after a holiday weekend where my food choices were not awesome.

********** RESULTS***********

When I follow this regimen for 3-4 days, I almost ALWAYS lose the extra weight AND get an energy surge that keeps me choosing better foods and feeling HIGH ON LIFE for a good few weeks. 🙂

I also would HIGHLY recommend, if you feel like you need a serious KICK IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION weight/food wise, that you try the 3 Day REFRESH from Beachbody.
It is A.Maz.ING for getting your digestion back on track, and losing a few lbs in a short couple days to spur on your motivation to keep living healthy!

Love you guys!!!

As always- THANK YOU for living healthy, and for keeping me posted on your journey!

xo- Robyn