Believe in Dreams

Miraculously my children slept in today, and my hubby left early.
Which left me awake, and able to ponder in the silence.
(Dangerous past time…) lol!
I snuggled in my bed and picked up my current personal development book, Magic of thinking Big.
And here were the first words I read,
“Big thinkers train themselves to see not just what is, but what can be.”
I put my book down and pondered on that for a few minutes.
I realized how true that is!! Those that exceed the status quo expectations, and move outside the ‘box’ of cultural stereotype or perceived status in life- always do so with the belief that there IS abundance out there!
There ARE enough people that need your talents/product/ideas to market them.
There WILL be a return on investment.
There ARE people out there that believe in what you do.
You WILL succeed, and reach all your goals.
I personally had a dream about this time last year, of growing our business to the point of job change options for my hubby. He laughed a bit, and didnt really want to talk about it for a long time.
But I saw it happening!!!
I SAW him being able to ask for less hours!
I SAW our team grow!
I KNEW that I was capable of changing, and grasping the mantle of leadership to grow our business to the size it needed to to make that happen. As scary as it seems.
And we did.
For 2016?
I am seeing BIG things goin on in our team.
These products ARE timely.
These products are amazing!
This company is forward thinking! Always anticipating/studying the market to be SURE their teams can be successful.
There’s nothing left to chance.
Its all there for the taking!
I am SO grateful that our company sees the possibilities for their network, and anticipates/markets for/and continually trains their leaders so that success is simply for the taking…. IF you have the ability to SEE what can be, and believe it!!!
What dreams have you stopped dreaming?
If you’ve lost your ‘passion’ for life, for new things, for your current job or business…. You are too busy, or you’re at least filling your mind too much with noise—> to dream! When you have time to allow yourself to DREAM, you start to see what can be! And your mind WILL start to figure out how to make it happen if you will allow it.