YOU are limitless!

YOU are limitless.
YOU have unlimited POTENTIAL.
You CAN do whatever it is that you DESIRE to do deep in your heart.
YOU are incredible.
YOU have a powerful soul inside you that, if let free, would help you accomplish more than you EVER thought possible.
You have ABILITIES and GIFTS that NO ONE…… NO ONE else has. ONLY you have those gifts and abilities, and the world wants, CRAVES to have you use them!
YOU are the ONLY one on earth exactly like YOU. NO one else has your EXACT dna makeup. NO one has had the SAME experiences and thought patterns as you. YOU are amazing! You have overcome things. You have been challenged, and survived.
If you are reading this, despite ALL that life has thrown at you….. you have a 100% survival rate! You are not failing! You are HERE, right NOW, for a reason.
Your life is still going on! Your ability to CHOOSE to help others, to help yourself, your family, and people you don’t even know about yet is still valid.
There are things in motion RIGHT NOW, that will come into play in your life in the next few days, months, and years! Be EXCITED that you have a future that can be whatever YOU decide it will be.
Don’t hold back.
Don’t keep it in.
There is a STIRRING in your gut that you CAN do more with this life you’ve been given. And it can be SO scary to think of actually putting forth as much effort as you can toward something. It can be SO scary to actually TOUCH that light you feel burning inside you, and release what you REALLY have to give.
You have a life before you that can be more amazing than you could EVER imagine.

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