Give up Good to Achieve Great!

Recently I had a friend ask me,
“How is life?”
and before I could even respond, she said,
“You DO have a life, right?”
We had a great little conversation about how my days work as a business owner, homeschool mom, and everything else in my days that I give priority to.
And I thought about that for a good few hours, about my life and how it IS different than many others.
A few years ago, my days looked VERY different than they do now.
And as I’m learning, VERY different than many of my peers.
But you know what?
I’m just saying YES to a lot of different things, and living my life in a different way….. to get a different result than I was getting before.

A BETTER result for me and my family. An AMAZING result.

Sometimes you have to give up something GOOD…. to achieve something GREAT.

Its true.
I have had to say NO to many things I used to say YES to.
I have had to learn what things I had to let go.
I have learned, that EVERY TIME you say YES to something… you are, in essence, saying NO to something else.
But I have NOT been disappointed. I am actually a little sad that I didn’t change my priorities and become PROACTIVE about what I want in life sooner.

saying no to good things