Your Belly Button CAN be found after 4 c-sections!

Friends. I was AFRAID to do this program.

Hammer adn Chisel main photo




Afraid of the meal plan. Afraid of the pull ups. Afraid of the cardio. Lack of confidence that I’d “be any good at it.”

Afraid of the “Chisel” aspect of it… I’m not one to LOVE to sweat. :\ Is that legal for a Beachbody coach to say!?!?!?


Anyway- I bought the program… and then it sat on my shelf for 3 months. Then my husband finished his program, and was asking about this one, and I told him that we already had it. He looked at me, and I
knew he knew.


He KNEW that I wanted to do it, but was afraid.

He looked right in my eyes, and said, “Why don’t we do this one together? It will be fun. I’ll even do the meal plan with it.”IMG_1326

That’s when I knew. 🙂 My husband had done a few programs, but never followed the meal plan…. and at the suggestion that he would…. I knew I couldn’t refuse. He was doing this partly for ME.

I love that man.

We looked at our calendars and planned out when we would begin.

He looked over the meal plan, and we decided our first weeks’ meals together, and he printed up our tally sheets with our corresponding food container allotments and put them on the fridge. (AGAIN—> I love that man.)



And the journey began! March 28, 2016.IMG_1185

You guys…..This program is SO well done. I know ALL the Beachbody programs are… they put YEARS and YEARS into planning and researching and running test group after test group to ensure the best possible outcomes.

But man. After doing similar lifting programs such as P90x over 4 years ago (never finished it… but saw results after the 4 weeks I did do it!) and ChaLean Extreme 2.5 years ago now when I first REALLY began to see muscle definition and FLAB melting due to the muscle burning off the fat ALL DAY LONG… I was worried that this might be even tougher. Those programs were hard for me to do, and I was always HUNGRY when I lifted, and it was hard to actually lose much weight… but I always lost INCHES and body fat %. Every time. After my experiences with those programs, I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and I was impressed EVERY TIME. Every workout, was a new experience. Every workout was NEW and fast paced, and really thorough.


Many workouts are super redundant to me, and I was SO grateful for the varying types of exercises and positions I was in. I loved having over 12 workouts on DVD, and the 2 bonus workouts from ordering through a Coach. (PERKS!—> Always order through a Coach, and you get FREE materials and/or workouts!)

Our Pack included all of these as well as our Shakeology bags which had 30 days worth,IMG_1098 and simplified our nutrition planning… a LOT. We both loved having our Shakeo for Breakfast daily and sometimes for a snack.IMG_1287

We also ordered the Beachbody Performance Recover regularly, and fell in LOVE with that! The Chocolate tastes like Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix… not kidding, and the Orange flavor tastes like Orange Creamsicles. I LOVED knowing that I had Recover to use right after my workouts. As a busy mom, it was essential to be able to workout and really give it my all, and NOT be depleted for the rest of the day. IMG_1611



Month one was hard. We traveled, we had 4 family parties, we had sick kids, we had……. LIFE.

But we persevered and cheered each other on. We also had our own Challenge Groups going with some friends and clients that we could report to daily as well.


THANK the Lord for challenge Groups! Not kidding. So many days I didn’t want to workout, from just fatigue and allergy headaches… but knowing my group was punching their workouts in, gave me that extra push to just “get it done already.”

SO THANK YOU to my challengers who push me to be BETTER, always.

You are my LIFELINE.


Month two was easier, as many of the workouts were familiar and we were used to our new snacks and meals. My body was starting to feel VERY fatigued, and I had to throw out the meal plan.IMG_1172


GASP again.


Its true.

I have learned over the past 4 years as a pre-diabetic, that I have to be SUPER careful about high animal protein meal plans that do not offer a lot of carbs to keep my blood sugar steady. As a pre-diabetic, I am super insulin resistant, so I need to be VERY careful to keep my blood sugar up or hormones and muscle strength become HUGE variables in my health. Which I could feel they were about week 6 of the program. So I through out the meal plan, and just started eating like I do normally. I didn’t gain any weight, and my energy skyrocketed! My brain felt SO much better too.

What do I “normally” eat you ask?IMG_0858

Oh….. a LOT of whole grains (wheat, oats, brown rice and quinoa) and vegan protein sources like beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and occasionally eggs and chicken and fish. I also eat less fruits (which tend to spike blood sugar) and lots of salad and veggies to keep me full. I also count Shakeology as a meal.
Whereas the Hammer and Chisel meal plan focuses a lot on minimal complex carbs coming from grains and vegan protein sources, and calls upon animal sources for lean protein (since animal sources don’t give you those extra carbs that most of the vegan sources do) and mostly fruits and veggies for your complex carbs. This nutrition plan counts Shakeology as simply a protein serving. IMG_1613

Those that are insulin resistant or diabetic (or any other disease or physical condition that you have food restrictions or guidelines) really need to look at any nutrition program carefully, and see if the suggested foods and portions fit their suggested diet, and consult with your doctor about it. ****ALWAYS consult your doctor before starting ANY new meal plan or nutrition supplement!!! ****


OVERALL= we LOVED this program.







Check out MY results!

My goal was to TONE UP, gain DEFINITION, and get STRONGER and LEANER.

hc shoulders

HC legs


My shoulders have ALWAYS been weak. ALWAYS. I had to quit Insanity because I kept injuring my Shoulders. I also injured them in P90X.


My LEGS! My hamstrings…. oh my heck. They popped OUT during this program. My thighs have NEVER looked so SMOOTH and shapely. (Oo lala! lol) And I have ALWAYS wanted my calf muscles to be DEFINED with a definite “shelf”… vain? I don’t know… but I got them finally. I remember when I did ChaLEAN Extreme, and one of the girls in that workout had such clean-cut calf muscles, I was amazed. I wondered if I could ever get those….. well, now I do. YES!!! Cha-CHING.


HC front

Now for the part of the body that men AND women try to sculpt. THE CORE. And I will tell you…. I was hoping for some SUPER defined abs! And well…. I got a few! LOL! I got that little line on the side of my obliques starting to show, and my belly button is the MOST lifted its ever been since having FOUR kids via C-Section. THAT is worth its weight in GOLD alone! My chest…. can we talk boobs for a sec? Ok. So as moms…. we kinda have this joke that after we have kids, our boobs deflate. Ok. Its not a joke. Its reality. And well…. its been my exciting experience, to see that as I build up my shoulders and pecks, that my boobs also lifted. Perky perks! 😉

hc back and arms

And then there is the BACK. And I was SUPER stoked to see that not only is my natural waistline getting slimmer, but my “back fat” was noticeably LESS. No more folding over the bra. 🙂 I also noticed my arms are getting more shape. They are definitely NOT flabby any more, no loose skin hanging anywhere. I really wanted more definition here, more LEAN looking arms… but I think that will come with another round, and with less animal foods causing inflammation in my body. I did however, start to feel a “nugget” of biceps in my arms. That was a first! 🙂 Usually its just kind of a muscle there…. not really a round, definitive “nugget.” Anyone know what I’m talking about?? LOL!


We enjoyed some new recipes, we enjoyed working out together and getting STRONGER!

I couldn’t believe how much my strength endurance improved.IMG_1629I can do full pull ups with the assist (I honestly couldn’t when we started!) I can do 30 lbs in a lat pull over!!! Say wa?!?!? I started with 5 lbs on the sword pulls in the Total Body Chisel, and now can do 10 lbs EASY. I started with 10 lbs on almost all the lunges and step ups and squats, and by the last 2 weeks was using 20 lbs in each hand. I also used the 30 lb weight for the kettle bell swings! TALK ABOUT FEELING AWESOME! 🙂

IMG_1734My toddler saw me putting on my “after pictures” outfit this morning and he came into my office with his swimsuit on declaring that “everything is awesome!”

I couldn’t agree more. 🙂


I lost 6 inches total during this program, and 5% body fat. Don’t be too disappointed in my numbers…. after all, I have been doing Beachbody programs for 2 years straight now. There is only so much change that will happen. 😉 But I DID change, and there are ALWAYS changes to be made. I am excited for my newfound strength, the definition in my arms and legs and abs was JUST what I was looking for!

What will I do now?

I plan to complete ANOTHER round of this program and integrate a running schedule in now that the weather is nice, and then move onto 22 minute hard corps in August. 🙂


If you are considering CHANGING your life starting with your HEALTH, I PRAISE you! Remember…. it WILL be hard. But you get to CHOOSE your hard.

You get to CHOOSE whether you will be shuffling around on oxygen and lots of prescription meds from lack of taking care of your body….. or you get to CHOOSE to take care of your body NOW and enjoy a LONG life of health and vitality as it was DESIGNED to be.


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