Oh Please. ANOTHER #transformationTuesday?

Tuesday. And YES. Today I’m posting a Transformation.
This is the FIRST time I’ve shared ALL of these photos.
And I’ve been nervous to make this post.
A few years ago I would see transformation photos *AKA* before and afters, and often think “Oh geez. How embarrassing. I never want to be a weight loss success story and publicize my weakness or my body.”
I know.
I was VERY narrow minded, prideful, and had not learned about the difficulty of weight loss, overcoming eating disorder, admitting food addiction, and what it really TOOK for those people to TAKE those photos and own them. NOW I KNOW.
I had tried to gain control over my eating habits SO MANY TIMES.
In high school I tried starving and running.
Ya, the starving lasted maybe a day. The running did last a few months, but I didn’t measure or take photos so I was convinced there wasn’t much change. Although… I do remember a few people telling me I looked more toned. But I figured they were lying to make me feel good.
As a new wife I tried to just go running and swimming and just do SOMETHING. I’d walk to school, bike to school, and try to just be active. But my eating habits were not awesome.
Then the kids came.
And with those, came a mental battle I had never faced.
A time of life I had never imagined would be such a struggle for me coming from a large family, with great parents, and years of baby sitting and caring for little ones.
The strain of being completely unable to feel any control over my body as it went through the roller coaster of pregnancy, postpartum, and taking a full semester of credits as well… my new baby, and knowing I was responsible for another person’s health and well-being was filling my mind and days.
After my bachelors was earned, I had also earned 15 lbs with my lifestyle and stress.
I struggled to lose any of it. Financial stress plagued us as we searched for work and jumped head first into building a home at the crux of the oncoming economic recession when EVERY expense was high.
After two more babies, infertility woes, and years of financial burdens, serious marital bumps, and family drama, and I MUST say, some very GOOD times too- lots of LOVE was poured out upon us, and MANY blessings and lessons were to be embraced. Yet through it all, I yo-yo dieted, and ultimately I had earned another 15 lbs.
Then more infertility woes. Doctor visits and over just 5-6 weeks, my body and I earned another 10 lbs.
I had gained 40 lbs since I got married.
And I was 10 lbs overweight when I got married. 😉
I was TRYING. I was feeding my family all the food groups. I was doing p90x for heaven’s sake 3x a week. I challenged myself to run a 5k and did it. I was TRYING so dang HARD. And gaining.
Then came the diagnoses.
Pre-Diabetes type 2.
In the words of the doc, “If you don’t change your lifestyle and eating habits, you’ll be on meds within 1-2 years. You need to lose about 40 lbs and really start watching how much sugar you eat.”
I felt so many emotions that day.
I think it was a miracle I didn’t spontaneously combust. Haha!
Through MANY weeks of opening my mouth to fellow doctors that were my friends, to friends and family who HAD lost weight and changed their eating habits, and a few other resources, I began a SERIOUS life change.
CopyofWeightlossphotosApril242012 mission possible
 Why is there a break from 2012 to 2014?
Well. The lifestyle change helped our infertility issues, and I was blessed with baby #4 via c-section (like all of my babies) during that time. Pregnancy July 2012 -April 2013 and post baby weight loss and a little bit more from June 2013-May 2014.
If you search this website for “My Story” you can read the 5 part journal of my story in many more details ending up where/how I found Beachbody and all of that sphere of my life now. But for the purpose of this post, I won’t go into all of those details.
But something inside me has changed. And that is my thoughts about Before and After photos.
I now KNOW what they mean.
I KNOW the struggle.
I empathize with them.
I CHEER them.
I am PROUD of them.
They are my circle.
They GET IT.
I LOVE and am VERY inspired by before and after PROGRESS photos. 🙂
I AM a weight loss success story. -49 lbs.
recent before and afters july 14.jpg
It was DANG HARD. And many days it STILL is.
Maintaining it has been a roller coaster.
The biggest x-factor? Surrounding myself with people who are on the journey too. Being a coach for others and being a leader of coaches has been THEE biggest variable in this journey that has kept my emotional eating at bay, and my mental battle on the offense.
I STILL have days where its HARD.
I STILL have days when my OLD self tries to sneak in, and flood me with negative self thoughts and the carb and sugar filled foods seem like a cure-all for my disappointments and struggles.
But the LIFE that I have gained?????
The MENTAL “weight” I have LOST?
If you are ready to start your journey- I am coaching a Group starting Meal planning NEXT Wednesday and we’ll start workouts after Memorial! I’d love to work along side you and do this TOGETHER. Message me or fill out the following application for the details and we’ll see if its a good fit for you.

xo Robyn