The need for Spiritual Change

I was sitting in church just a few weeks ago during a meeting where an amazing man stood and bore powerful testimony about Spiritual CHANGE that had taken place in his life.

I was brought to tears reliving my own experiences of Spiritual CHANGES that have happened over the years.

I was SO grateful for that moment, because as many people do, I go through periods of time when my faith IS NOT as strong as other times. Times when I dwell too much on what I don’t understand, or the hard times in life that myself or loved ones go through. Times that tend to TRY one’s soul deeply, constantly withdrawing Spiritual energy to keep us afloat- often leaving us feeling depleted and hopeless.

But in that moment, I was re-filled! I was REPLENISHED. It was because of that man’s faith, and his choice to come and SHARE…. that blessed my life immeasurably.

You see my friends…. attending church isn’t about just YOU. I’ve heard it said that people don’t attend church, because they feel they are right with God. That they don’t NEED to attend. They are GOOD. Well folks…. guess what. The Gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t about YOU. It is a gospel of serving OTHERS. When you attend church, and SHARE your experiences, you are SERVING others. It’s about OTHER PEOPLE hearing YOUR testimony and gaining faith and strength by what YOU have gone through. We NEED everyone’s testimonies. If you feel you are Right with God…. and have a Spiritual reservoir… then COME. Share what you know and how you do it with those that do not have that strength. And you know what? I guarantee that you will bless another person that day. I guarantee that you will gain a greater testimony of God and His gospel and HOPE for life and your future as you rub shoulders with others of the faith regularly.