This Beachbody Coaching “Thing”

I KNOW some of you who are following my posts….. might be wondering if you can jump into this COACHING “thing.”
Let’s chat about MLM companies for a sec.
Cuz I’ve looked into a LOT of them.
Why an MLM?
Because if it’s a GOOD one……. they offer you a product that changes LIVES, FREEDOM, Flexibility, self promotion, NO GLASS CEILINGS, no income LIMITS, and recognition for your efforts.
Entrepreneur extrodinaire, Dave Ramsey, says in his EntreLeadership Book, “The good about an MLM, is that you can get into business for a small investment. You can find something you are passionate about, and make money sharing it with your network…. all in all MLM’s are a legitimate business..”
Can I just share that I did NOT want to do the Coaching thing?
I didn’t.
I had tried an MLM company before this one, spent a LOT of money we didn’t really have, went to conventions, and had hopes and dreams and committed to taking the “steps to success”….. but when it all came down to it….. DEEP DOWN…..
~I didn’t *REALLY* love the company. I respected it. But didn’t LOVE it.
~I didn’t *REALLY* believe that what I was promoting, could change lives… the product wasn’t life changing. It was fun—– and practical—– but NOT life changing.
~I didn’t like that the company had a DRESS Code… ya, we all looked professional…. but it wasn’t me. I didn’t like being dressy and the conventions were more like beauty pageants. Ya…. NOT really me. It WAS fun sometimes…. but I just could NOT feel like myself while I was “in it.”
~I didn’t like having inventory. I didn’t like having to order my clients’ orders, paying shipping on it, and THEN either shipping it to them, paying shipping AGAIN, or driving all over my city and outlying areas to personally deliver products when they weren’t home most of the time anyway “to add that personal touch.”
~I didn’t like worrying about RETURNS. Putting MORE orders into the company, waiting for shipping AGAIN, and then delivering… AGAIN.
~I didn’t like that all the quarterly training events….. cost SO MUCH DANG $!
~I didn’t like that there was a weekly group meeting that you pretty much needed to attend, to feel like a team…. and to learn what you needed to about new products that the company was promoting all over the place, that you needed in your inventory.
~Drama. There seemed to always be DRAMA! In the teams, in the Leadership, like a hierarchy…. if you weren’t at such and such level, you were a Pion.
~Quotas. You lost your “member discount” and Team Commissions if you didn’t make certain sales/inventory quotas.
And a few other points… but those of you who have tried an MLM company before… may relate to me on some of these things. 🙂
Why is Beachbody Different?
#1: the product WORKS to change lives.
#2: The company……. nothing I have ever EVER seen or been introduced to has filled me with such goodness, integrity, 100% belief, Faith, and honor for what we are doing as a company for the WORLD. For PEOPLE. For their very LIVES!!!! Health is PRICELESS.
#3: The PROCESS of the BUSINESS: No inventory. No shipping. No dress code. No facade. No in home parties. No home deliveries. No dealing with people’s money. No dealing with returns. No record keeping of customers and Team members. No income limits.
#4: What DO WE DO? We SHARE. We share ideas, tips, motivation, invite people to join our groups and support their goals! We learn, we grow, we do hard things, we love, we cry, we CARE. SO many ways to earn in this company. We dig into personal development—-> becoming better people. Which spills over into our families, our communities, our churches, our friends, its just awesome. We embrace healthy living! We are ACTIVE, positive, and HAPPY people. Seriously…. Beachbody coaches are the HAPPIEST people I know!
#5: no QUOTAS. To keep your Coach member account…. and discount, there are NO QUOTAS. And you can cancel your account at anytime, no charge, no fuss.
I know.
Long POST.
But I want you to HEAR me on this.
I didn’t.
Because of my prior experience, and just the whole stereotype of SALESY people.
But once I had my own health story unfolding…. and realizing the HOPE that life change can bring… I knew it was something that had to be shared. I HAD to teach people what I had learned about eating right. I HAD to share about these workouts that really WORK and Change the body! I HAD TO! I already was…. really. My blog took off like crazy! But I knew that if I was going to put time/energy into this, I really needed to get paid. I needed an ebook.. a product, some type of system……
God put it into my heart…. and after MANY months of prayer and talking to coaches and reading up on the company…. I asked my friend come and chat with me who was a top coach in the company.
And what really SEALED THE DEAL for me, was when Brigitte Linford looked me right in the eye, in my living room (I remember it vividly) and said,
“Robyn, I know you have legitimate concerns. I have appreciated your questions, and I KNOW you want to make the right decision. I just want you to know, that when I went to that Beachbody SUMMIT and heard our CEO Carl Daikler speak, and Jeff Hill, and a few others…. I could SEE that they were men of high personal standards. I could FEEL that they had high integrity. I was brought to a higher plain myself, because of the hope and belief and vision they were giving me to live better. I have never felt that from a company leader before. I have never FELT that I could follow a leader so strongly in this way before……”
And something about that, still to this day, means so much to me.
And it’s been TRUE for me as well.
Since I became a Coach in March of 2014, I have learned to LOVE this company with all my heart. I respect, and love our leaders and the WORK that we see them do. This company is TRANSPARENT. I LOVE that. There are no pions. You are a LEADER, a COACH from day 1.
If you ARE considering this opportunity, I invite you to learn more, by watching this webinar. Our team, this ‪#‎teamlifetime‬ we are building, is already shining as a growing team…. blossoming into a TOP team in the company, already currently in the top 1.75% of the company as we stand today, working toward that top 1%. Out of 400,000+ Coach Business centers. If you want to join a team that is GROWING, that is SUCCESSFUL…. then climb aboard. It guarantee it will be scary. I guarantee it will be hard. I guarantee your life WILL CHANGE. But I also guarantee that if you are consistent… and BELIEVE in yourself and the company… you WILL be on your way to making this work for you.
Message me for details, questions, anything.
I’m happy to share everything I know!

be willing to change