What will put plans/goals into MOTION?

Goals and plans.
Plans and goals.
SO many things in MOTION!
On our date yesterday my hubby and I were chatting about how many things are IN MOTION that we didn’t even allow ourselves to put together in our minds just 2 years ago, heck, even just ONE year ago.
I remember 6 months ago when we sat down and actually WROTE down what we wanted to see happen THIS YEAR, and some for 5 years so that we could see clearly what had to happen THIS year to get those bigger goals in motion.
Having goals and plans allows a JUMPING OFF POINT.
You have to have goals and plans, if you desire to be in a different place than you are in a year, a month, a week!
No goals? No change. Write em’ down. It makes it MORE real than just SAYING it.written goals