Reasons I LOVE being a Coach

Friends, I LOVE working at home.

I LOVE that I am learning how to eat right, and teaching my kids how to eat right.

I LOVE that I am helping other mommies and daddies get healthy to show their kids that they CAN change, and that they DO want to be around for a good long time.

I LOVE that I had this opportunity presented to me.

I LOVE that the way to succeed in it, is already laid out.

I LOVE that everything I do as a coach supports my ultimate role as a mother and wife. I am learning how to make decisions better. I am learning to be patient. I am learning to see the world in a positive and hopeful way. I am learning to balance my time better. I am learning my strengths and weaknesses and how to lead others.

Coaching others helps me be more compassionate.

Coaching helps me learn to be more empathetic.

This career… is created to help the ULTIMATE career of happy and healthy family living and motherhood.

FEELING so grateful.