Down 49 lbs and going strong. How do I do it?

I never wanted to be a weight loss story.

That was going to be horrifying.


It would be the ultimate reality staring me in the face, that all those years that I felt ‘fat’… We’re real.

Could I do that???

I HAD to.

My family, my spouse, myself—> my future, could all change depending on MY choice to face my reality.

Would I conquer this?

Or sit back and accept that it couldn’t change?

Nope. I couldn’t accept it… Because deep down I knew I COULD change.

It wasn’t IF….. It was HOW.

How have I maintained this new -49lb life? With 4 kids? Owning a biz? Being a wife? Friend? Neighbor? Sister?


If you didn’t make it into my current health and fitness challenge group, stay tuned! I always have another challenge group just around the corner, and it could be EXACTLY what you need.

XO- Robyn