For the Type 2 Diabetics out there

Diabetes type 2?


No way.

I fight every single day to make sure my body is using the excess sugars in my blood by doing muscle building AND cardio.

Many type 2 diabetics are told that carb counting (like less than 40 a day!!!) is the only way to improve their a1c levels.

My doctor was amazed when we did blood work and she saw NO signs of blood sugar issues, and I’d lost 40+ lbs EATING carbs.

No carb counting for me!

No calorie counting either.

It’s about the whole diet, and EXERCISE!!!!!

My diabetic type 2 friends——> exercise and weight loss through eating well is your lifeline!

Contact me if you want to know more! I want YOU to  be well, and feel well.


  1. BjornB June 16, 2016 at 5:20 am

    Yes it is amazing what you can accomplish with proper diet and exercise. More diabetics need to know about this.

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