What? You want me to WHAT? Clear my mind? is that even a thing?

Ever heard of a brain dump?
If you are like me, and constantly find your mind thinking of a million things several times a day, constantly going through your important list, noticing all the little things throughout the day, always on the go, and wanting to accomplish SO much……
THIS IS WORTH YOUR TIME to read. 🙂saying no to good things
My mind is on FIRE this morning—- no- not from a headache- that was yesterday. 😉
My mind is REELING with thoughts, ideas, emotions, lessons learned, food I want to eat, things I need to accomplish today.
And guess what?!
I learned this nifty little trick, called “brain dumping”.
I learned about this 2 years ago.
And did it a few times.
But my MIND was convinced, that it was a waste of time.
UNTIL a fateful day, when a mentor of mine stopped me in my tracks and pinpointed that a brain dump would be helpful for me…. and that SAME week, a powerful book I was reading about self confidence TOLD ME TO DO THE SAME THING.
Brain dumping helps confidence?
So I decided to try again.
And again.
And again.
And guess what?
How does it work?
When you are focusing on a task, that is IMPORtANT- like reading to your kids, reading a book that will change your life, sitting down to do important work that will save the world, trying to get a project done that WILL benefit your life, being focused on your spouse at dinner time, engaging with your neighbors, ETC- sometimes our minds WANDER. Right?
Sometimes we have a hard time even MANAGING our thoughts because SO much is in there!
So many of the thoughts are SO important, but really, aren’t important RIGHT THEN.
But they keep whirling around because we don’t want to forget them.
And our brains start to hurt.
Are you feeling me here?!?!?!
I KNOW I’m not the only one!
This is the way most women’s brains work, and some men.
It is designed this way, because we are MADE to be mothers, and mothers NEED to be able to think of many things at once. It is a GIFT.
However…. it can cause some anxiety, some depression, and general lack of focus. And when you have some dreams and goals to achieve, you have GOT to learn how to tame those thoughts!
Here is how:
Write it out.
Yep. Thats it.
You hear a bird outside? Write it down.
You are concerned about school beginning. Write it down.
You are worried about your neighbor that just had his knee replaced. Write it down.
You need to process some strawberry jam. Write it down.
You get to contact your church group about an upcoming activity. Write it down.
You get to connect with your spouse and spice up your evening. Write it down.
You are excited to be traveling across the country- but need to figure our all the times and dates and transportation. Write it down.
Are you getting this?
It takes MINUTES.
And you might, like me, think that its a WAsTE OF TIME.
But by writing all of it down, it has ASSIGNED it a place.
You have assigned those thoughts a space.
So you are not dismissing it, or saying NO to everything else…. you are simply sending the message to your brain, that you DID acknowledge that thought, and you DID assign it a place to be.
Your brain will feel relief.
You will stay focused on your task- because now you are not worried that you’ll forget. You wrote it down.
I often use the bland pages of my daily personal development books, or a journal just for brain dumping.
And YES. I might run in to my room and do a quick brain dump when I’m in the middle of work, or talking to a friend on the phone, or doing an important project, and I FEEL MY BRAIN WANDERING and I’m not staying on task. I’ve learned to take that time.
You might think that once you’ve written it down, you’ll forget it.
NOT so.
I have not found that to be the case at all.
I have actually found that my mind prioritizes what is REALLY important a lot better.
I stay on task with what REALLY needs to be thought about and accomplished SO much better.
I dont’ forget those other things. (And if I’m honest….. 75% of what I write down are just THOUGHTS. Not even WORKABLE items or needs!)
Its NOT a waste.
So next time you are feeling crazy with thoughts——–> go write it all down. And you might write the SAME stuff for days in a row. But you WILL find relief and less anxiety, and more focused, meaningful work happen in your life.
Its one of those things…. that is easy to do, and easy NOT to do.
Like exercising. Like eating right. Like hugging your kids more. Like calling your mom more.
You choose if you do it or not.
But man. Its made a HUGE difference for me!
xo Robyn