Don’t Fear Failure

This WAS the story of my life.

Finding myself 2,3,5 years later in life STILL struggling with my eating habits. Still struggling with my weight.

Still struggling with motherhood.

Still struggling financially.

Still feeling like if I just got BRAVE and owned up to my struggles and stuck to a plan- no excuses-… I could make a difference in our life.

So one day, after prayers for courage… I heard the words, “Just begin.”

And honestly the worst case scenario was not that bad if things didn’t pan out.

So I did.

And my husband has joined me outside our comfort zones.

Just today actually- Chayce looked over at me while driving, and said, “life is just better when you’re trying new things consistently.”

And guess what?

We are in a VERY different spot now than we were just a few years ago.

And it’s a great spot to be.

But we got goals, and 2 years from now?

I expect we’ll be in an even more amazing place than we can imagine!