Life is Like Riding a Bike!

While on my bike ride today, I discovered that I really like it! LOL!

I had literally built a WALL in my brain that I didn’t like bike riding… and certainly didn’t like it while pulling my 36 lb 3 yr old in a trailer to boot.

But that wall is slowly coming down.

With more PRACTICE, and good preparation nutritionally and mentally, I am getting better and better at it!


I honestly think that my legs and core are SO much stronger now from my last two workout routines, that I believe it’s actually EASIER for me. Some might say, “well…. DUH.” But I never thought that just because my legs and core got stronger, that I might LIKE to do something I’ve never really LIKED to do.


Funny how that works….. something is FUN, when you can actually do it well. šŸ˜‰

walls you build