Month 1: #robyngetsfitafter5 before and after photos and recap

Let’s remind ourselves exactly where we are on this “get back my health” path….

I know if you don’t know where you are, you don’t know what to do/plan to get where you want to go.

Just a year ago- March 2016 I was in shape, eating healthy, and feeling top of my game! I had just finished Hammer and Chisel…. here are my photos from that program:

I confidently wore my swimsuit on board the largest Cruise ship in the world! I was top of my game in my Coaching business… life was sweet.

A few months later….. we were pregnant and I was sick.

A few months after that…. I hemorrhaged and was put on bedrest and we discovered my pregnancy was going to be severely complicated and would be life changing.


Baby arrived via major surgery 6 weeks early Jan 12, 2017. I was 40 lbs overweight after delivery, and I could barely move. It took 2 weeks to be able to get out of bed without serious effort and hilarious rolls and twists to make it happen without any core muscle. Not to mention a preemie to keep alive and thriving!

1 month out of surgery, I was 20 lbs overwieght and starting to feel strong, but my stitches were not healing well and my hormones were going up and down daily. I felt like a mess. My eating was too. So I started doing more Coaching groups to stay accountable to eating right. My weight stayed stable, so I felt like I was ready to start documenting my journey back to health, and took photos and measurements. I coached a group and did a clean eating challenge- It worked a bit… I lost another 5 lbs and my brain was coming back two weeks in.

And here we are.

I can’t compare my other experiences losing the “baby weight” to this one, because this whole pregnancy was different and my health at the start was horrifically different. I can’t just go out and walk. (let alone run… after baby #4 I ran a 5k race 8 weeks post c-section) I can only go about a mile before my insides burn from scar tissue. Even still….. I was feeling defeated in many ways.

I am blessed to have been a coach for 3 years, and seen this very thing in many of my clients. So I knew that it was normal to feel this way as a BEGINNER. Thats what I am my friends. I’m a beginner.

This journey started from a different starting point. A whole new body, a new family, a new life.

Never had it quite like that before….. I seemed to always have SOMETHING consistent for me….

Knowing where I am—– helps me understand the plan I need to make to move forward, to make this a life time change.

I needed to realize that there would be MANY modifications to my workouts and it was OK!

I needed to realize that I wouldn’t be working out whenever my workout schedule said…. I had to totally rely on my body cues. Was it ready? How strong are we today? This is so important, because I tried to push myself just ONE time, and it put me back in my recovery time almost a week. Learning to be in tune with my body cues has been essential in EVERY path back to health I’ve taken and throughout maintenance as well.

I needed to realize my family has been living off of more processed foods and meals from blessed neighbors and family since I have been unable to cook regularly for 5 months and haven’t been to the grocery store at all for 4 months. They will need time to readjust to eating our regular healthy and whole foods.

I needed to fully see myself as a beginner, to LOVE myself where I was and be PROUD of my efforts to regain my health and put forth that effort to do right by this miracle body that has taken me SO far in life and survived so many scary things.

One day, one hour, sometimes one minute at a time was my plan.

My impatience got the better of me a few times…. but overall, I am pleased with what happened this first month back in the “real world.” 😉


yep. Only 5. I could only do 5. And they weren’t longer than 20 minutes. My body wouldn’t have more. I had to be ok with that. But hey…. I know for a FACT=—-> that something is ALWAYS better than nothing.


EATING RIGHT? I was about 75%. I got back to utilizing Shakeology daily with approval from my doctor and that helped my emotional eating a LOT. My postpartum friends——–> please consider Shakeo if you feel emotional eating is a trigger for you not reaching your health goals. In fact, many days, the chocolate yumminess was the only thing that sounded good to me, but would help my body stay on track in all the right ways. No more medication/post surgery constipation for me! lol!

My final results?


POUNDS LOST: none- I gained 4!

BODY FAT % lost: went from 29% to 24% 🙂 Thats HUGE. Bye-bye- fat cells.

Mental pounds lost: 100         🙂             My mind hasn’t felt this good in MONTHS. I feel free. I feel productive. I feel confident. I feel like flying and taking on the world!!!!!

So while I can’t fit into my pre pregnancy clothes yet, my weight distribution has shifted and the actual fat % dropped a lot! LOOK at the photos. My “fluffy” stuff is shrinking. THAT is a success in my book!!! I don’t know why I gained 4 lbs, and really thought I’d lost more inches……. but what does that matter? All I know, is that I see positive change, and I’m dang excited to see what Month 2 brings!

Every journey looks different- and I’m excited to see where this new body and life of mine will be in just a few short months!

I hope this journey documentation helps someone!

I hope that you find JOY and HOPE and love in your life!

I love what I get to do as a Coach and as your friend. THANK YOU for your part in my journey!!!!


xo Robyn
(if you click on the before and after photos you can see them clearer)


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