21 Day Ultimate Reset: Final Results

Wow! What a journey.

When I did the Reset before, in December of 2015 it was more of a rushed decision… something I just wanted to “try.” I didn’t realize how much I really needed it, and didn’t appreciate what my body was doing/changing for me.

This time, it was a necessity from day one in my mind. I took the time to really ponder what I was going to do, and WHY. Read about the Ultimate Reset and watch more videos HERE.

Each phase had its challenges. Remember its a 3 phase system. Phase one, Reclaim. You begin to reclaim your mind over body when it comes to your food choices. You eat sparingly from the animal food group and only whole food. In phase two, Release, your body goes through a detoxing product daily that eliminates months or years of gunk from your digestion tract and dead or dying, oxygenated/ mutated cells in your body. You won’t see any animal products on the foods list this week, as they cause a measure of inflammation in the human body, and while you detox you get to feel your body losing all bloating, inflammation and stiffness. It’s pretty cool. In Phase three, Restore, you get to just enjoy rebuilding your healthy self. 🙂 You eat very simply, you get to rest a lot, drink a lot of water, and restore your sense of balance while replacing any lost GOOD bacteria to your gut.


I loved the Ultimate Reset Yoga sessions which were not available last time I did this. I love the Instructor, Bee, who guides you mentally and physically through each session. Reclaim, Release, Restore. I highly suggest you incorporate them if you decide a Reset is something you need.

Here are my photos from start to finish so you can see physical changes:

PHotos on the left are BEFORE, photos on the right are AFTER


I lost -5.5 inches and -7.5 lbs and 2% body fat. Yay for so much change in ONLY 3 weeks!!!! I am thrilled with my physical evidence of change 🙂


You can access my Ultimate Reset DAILY reports and see what I was feeling like and what I was eating each day in my Ultimate Reset FaceBook album HERE.


But I will tell you….. that this round….. I feel much more of the MENTAL Reset that can be attained when you thoroughly prepare for the Reset. I feel powerful, and yet super humble today. I feel so disciplined and so in tune. It was hard, honestly, to go back to my RAW self. To FEEL everything and choose to deal with all my feelings— by myself. WITHOUT comfort foods. WITHOUT pushing through a hard workout to release aggression and disappointment. WITHOUT any sugar or chocolate. I get emotional and I’ve been irritable.


I have allowed myself to be raw for the first time in a LONG time.


Throughout my hard pregnancy and horrible delivery of my miracle baby this past year, I had to be strong. I had to show up. I had to put on the face of survivor. I learned to survive on Faith day to day.

I hated all the medications and the blood transfusion side effects.

I KNEW my body was struggling.

I KNEW by was trying to process the chemicals and all the adrenaline from the trauma and changes a newborn always brings to a family and marriage dynamic.

I was struggling to feel in control. All of which was NORMAL. I knew that too. But I also knew that I could HELP myself and not just “deal with it.” I knew it could be better if I did my part.


The mental part of the Reset has been a huge blessing for my marriage, my parenting and self confidence. These my friends, are PRICELESS.


I am pleased with the changes I feel! I am so pleased with how the Reset went. I am so excited to feel like I am seriously starting FRESH on my nutrition and my fitness. After struggling for a year.


Here are my progress photos since I started attempting to help myself about 6 weeks postpartum/post massive abdominal surgery. My baby is almost 6 months old.

(not sure why, but if you CLICK on this image, it will appear clearer. For some reason it is blurry a bit in the original blog post.)

I am SO SO glad that I have the KNOWLEDGE and tools (my home workouts, nutrition, meal plans, and support through Beachbody) to get healthy after losing so much of it.


I know that as I strive to live a healthy life with regular exercise, daily nutrition and staying mentally in tuen, I will feel HEALTHY, and my body will stabilize at a weight that is healthy, and my muscles and tendons and ligaments will be able to be flexible and strong as I continue to treat my body with the respect it needs and deserves after all the work it has done for me to LIVE the life I do.


If you’d like to have a RESET… a new start to your Health, I highly suggest the Ultimate Reset with Shakeology. 🙂 This package will come with EVERYTHING you need, from the guidebook, recipes, tracking, Yoga Sessions, all your supplements and Shakeology for a FULL 21 days PLUS full access to my support groups and coaching. <3

Read all about the Ultimate Reset and see videos here: http://www.ultimatereset.com/?referringRepID=361502

I’ll help you meal plan and guide you through the hard days IF you want the support.


xo Robyn




And another one of my fellow Beachbody Coach’s RESULTS:


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