I wont be working up a sweat for 21 days. Why?

Have you ever wanted a “do over?”

Have you lost weight in the past, but now your body isn’t responding to the same schedule and foods you used before?

Have you felt that your body just isn’t responding to what you do anymore, no matter how long or hard you work out or what you are eating?

Well my friends. I have. Allow me to share some thoughts, history, and facts to lead you to understand why I feel to begin a RESET nutrition program. A program fully designed to tackle poor eating habits, body stress symptoms, with minimal to NO workouts involved while your body works hard to reset.

Some facts…..

Did you realize that every time you lose weight, your metabolism speeds up to burn the extra fat, but then slows down because your body weighs less. ūüôā Its true. So your metabolism is lower from your weight loss, and if you gain again, its harder to get it off without revving your metabolism again and helping your body KNOW that you are ready to release weight again and burn extra fat cells.

Sounds complicated…. but guess what? Almost ALL of your weight loss success has direct ties to your HORMONES, which are messed with because of stress, lack of rest, or yo-yo dieting. And your hormonal balance is changed drastically by the foods you eat which messes with your metabolism. The exercise part of gaining a healthy body, is necessary, but not the biggest part. YOUR FOOD is your biggest culprit and your biggest partner in a health journey. Its this circle!

Bottom line…..


“You are what you eat” is SO true.


If you’ve read my most recent posts, you’ll know that this past year has been ROUGH for my life. I almost lost my life. In the process, I had a miracle baby. My last baby. Through the pregnancy¬†process I was on bed rest and low inactivity for a LONG period of time, and then delivered via a massive abdominal surgery due to a complication called, Accreta.


I don’t wish this experience on anyone. It was horrible.

SO now, as I write this, I am just coming up on 5 months post surgery/postpartum. My body has been through the WRINGER. I lost 49 lbs in the years 2014-2015, and maintained my new lifestyle and food habits beautifully until this pregnancy in June 2016. And its OK.


I want to stress that if I can. It is OK to have life happen and change things for a bit. Life will always take detours to teach you lessons you’ll need later down the road. Each trial and struggle is a GIFT for your life and for those around you in your circle.


May 2016 I was a size 4/6, 148 lbs and felt STRONG, trim, able and very healthy mentally and emotionally.

I made a post early in my pregnancy online that I was determined to document my pregnancy and show people how to have a healthy pregnancy. Well……….. that was out the window with my first trimester sickness. When you only can tolerate cheerios and peanut butter,,,, you eat cheerios and peanut butter. You mom’s feel me on that? lol! I did my best though. I really did. But it was just too much. Working out made the nausea SO bad. It was so bad I had to have my neighbor drive me to the doctor for anti nausea meds because I couldn’t even stand up without puking. And with 4 other kids? Ya. It wasn’t pretty. Any of it.


Fast forward to the 2nd trimester and things just went downhill from there. I hemorrhaged, spent time in the ER. And through MANY doctor appointments and traveling 3+ hours away to see specialists…. I found out about my life threatening complication and with the holidays and bad weather coming it was just a LONG LONG 4 months until delivery.


Delivery was a miraculous, yet anxiety filled day. I was hospitalized for 5 days, my baby for 12.


4 weeks postpartum/post major surgery my body felt strong enough to try yoga. I did a 10 minute session and it was HARD. I had lost SO much of my muscle and I was still hurting SO bad from surgery.


I tried every 2-3 days to get something in, and I was making improvements. My diet was on the back burner though… I got my basic nutrition from my Shakeology (thank the Lord) daily but I didn’t have the mental strength to tackle all my food choices¬†yet. ¬†With all the meals coming from different homes for the past 5 months, my family’s eating habits were all askew as well. I had to give us grace. I had to accept that it is what it is. It was OK.


By 8 weeks postpartum I was ready to try a workout program. I chose PiYo. A yoga and pilates based strength building program. It was HARD. I had to modify just about everything, and by 3 weeks in I had to change because the increased intensity was just too much. But I was seeing a LOT of flexibility improvement and upper arm strength coming back. My sliced abs though, were still not being used. I decided to complete¬†a 3 week Yoga foundations class online to try and build strength more gently, and I felt ready to try a program again. I did a few classes of a weight lifting, fat burning program called ChaLEAN Extreme, did some core workouts with a class called Core De Force… just hopping around. Most recently I chose T25 and have stayed with that for awhile now. All workouts were done in the privacy of my own home. I have a yearly pass to stream thousands of classes and workouts, so no money was wasted during this time. SO grateful for that.

I started eating right, too. I have finally lost a few pounds.


By 12 weeks postpartum I was back into a size 10, had lost 8 inches all around, 3% of body fat, and I was starting to feel really good. But interestingly enough….. my weight had not budged ONE POUND from post delivery. Not ONE.

My body was telling me it wasn’t ready to release any weight. I knew my hormones were hanging on.

My anxiety and stress of all those months wasn’t gone from my brain.

Some Post Traumatic Disorder was creeping in, affecting my already raging Postpartum Depression tendencies…. and well…. I was frustrated with everything.

at 4 months postpartum I had had it. I was mad. lol!

It STINKS to work really hard at something and not see the results you are hoping for.


Deep down, I KNEW that my body wasn’t¬†firing on all cylinders….. my digestion has been struggling since all the internal organs were moved around in surgery and from the medications. My mind and body have been recovering from the trauma and grief of dealing with a situation that was totally out of left field. My whole FAMILY was recovering.

I felt the nudge to do a RESET. Wait…. a reset? Is there such a thing.

I had done it before! In Dec 2015 I completed a 21 day reset program that is designed to reset your digestion and body cycles. It is a detoxing, and body alkalinizing program to help every system to function better. And it WORKED. I felt amazing after I did it the first time.


I pushed off really embracing the idea… until one night my hubby pointed out to me, while expressing my frustration, he said, “You aren’t committed. You haven’t committed o a nutrition plan or program because your body isn’t ready. You need something you can give 100% to so you can stay consistent.”


I argued that I needed a program where exercise was low key and I could just focus on food…..


Well friends. The Ultimate Reset came to mind again.

So here we go! I ordered the kit and got some accountability partners, and starting June 8 I’m beginning the program again!

Stay tuned here and on my personal FB page and instagram @change_for_a_lifetime for updates!

Tomorrow I’ll share my progress photos, starting measurements and my thoughts from the Ultimate Reset Guidebook thought section. This program truly helps you MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY.


Here are some photos of what came in my Ultimate Reset Packet today!


My Week 1 meal plan:

Ultimate Reset week 1 РSheet1 (alkalinize, is now POWER GREENS)


So friends, I am feeling excited to COMMIT to this for the next 21 days!

My body needs it. My mind needs it. I deserve it.

See you tomorrow.

xo Robyn