Ultimate Reset Day 1: Photos and Measurements- done!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 1:

Got my pictures done and measurements taken. Here I am almost 5 months postpartum, post surgery, after 4 months of real weekly efforts to become healthy again. 🙂 Excited to see the changes!


MEASUREMENTS in inches: 

ARMS: left 12.5

right 12.25

THIGHS: left 21

right 20.75

HIPS: 40.5

BUST: 39.75

WAIST: 33.5

Body Fat %: 22%

Weight: 162


Now for my MINDSET…..

I took time and pondered on WHY I’m doing this, and visualized my body clearing out months of stress, anxiety, and building and appreciating the NEW me. No MORE wishing for the past- no more keeping clothes from before my body was cut open and messed with and grew baby #5, AKA, I don’t know how long my body will take to recoup some of its natural form and I’m not gonna be upset that I have clothes sitting there triggering frustration. Yard Sale here I come! I realize my body will never be what it was, and its been hard to shift that mindset. Shifting the phrase, “getting my body back,” to “getting a healthy and toned/trim body”. Whatever it looks like in a year or so when my stretched out skin has had time to heal. Isn’t the human body amazing? Particularly the female body? We can create a HUMAN, stretch out 10+ inches of skin and then somewhat return back to a body without the extras. Quite remarkable. I love my scars, I love my stretch marks. These are signs of my ability to CREATE with God. My miracle babies, and battles I have WON. They are a reminder of my STRENGTH.

Mindset is SO important when doing this reset, and I’m grateful for the time to have these reflections.



Onto the supplements and food:

Took my Optimize capsules and mineralized water after a lazy morning with my kids. 🙂

Then off to the public outdoor swimming pool for lessons and “lunch in the park” with my 5 kids, ages 12.5 to 4.5 months.  I drank my Vegan Vanilla Shakeology mixed with 12 oz of ice water and 1 Tbsp powdered peanuts (PBfit). So good.

Just got home and had more Optimize Capsules, mineralized water and planned my lunch of spinach salad, red pepper slices, Annie’s organic Goddess Dressing, and some chicken breast.

I’ll take a power greens, alkalinizing powder a few hours after lunch, and will add Lemon juice because it tastes like cow hay feed. 😉

For my snack I’ll have cherries and cottage cheese.

I’ll have more Optimize capsules which are taken 30 minutes before eating, because it helps your stomach acid not kill all the nutrients, and helps your food absorb into your cells so you are getting the nutrition from these awesome foods you are eating. Kind of powerful!

I’ll also drink my mineralized water before dinner, which will be sauteed Salmon, red potatoes, and sliced mini sweet peppers.


See you tomorrow for Day 2!



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xo Robyn