Ultimate Reset Day 2! Working around my family of 7’s needs…

Wow. Day 2 was good… but crazy.


Started strong with my supplements, and then I mowed our lawn. I know we aren’t supposed to exert too much energy on this reset, but it just had to be done and my hubby couldn’t do it.


About an hour later I enjoyed my steel cut oats and blueberries with a touch of organic cane sugar… 🙂

Took my supplements on time…. but with 5 kids to cart around, summer in full swing, and one of them an almost 5 month old who is still eating and sleeping randomly, the day is simply unorganized.

Even my best laid plans were thwarted with a husband who has been battling allergies and wasn’t feeling/acting his normal self and was working from home, mixed with an important errand for our newly purchased vehicle at the lovely local DMV…. AND it started raining on the kids’ outdoor swimming lessons, and dad and the boys campout this weekend was 100% a bust with the rain.


Whew. Such is life these days though!

Lunch was late- almost 2 pm, and I had miso soup from a preprepared package (thank you for existing!), a spinach salad with a dressing that is SUPER close to the garlic dressing from the Ultimate Reset recipe book, and some natural nut butter in place of the seeds.

My three oldest asked what I was “cooking” because it smelled so good…. I told them it was “seaweed soup” and they all made faces. lol!

HOWEVER_—- they were ALL willing to taste some! In fact, my oldest, decided she liked it so much, she ate a whole bowl herself. Waddayaknow! 🙂


My snack, Vegan Vanilla Shakeology in ice water



was SUPER late—–4:50pm, but I got my greens done before hand, and then dinner, was later.



But first— check out my friend MELANIE!!! She finished the reset as well—- her results are AMAZING!


Back to dinner….

I LOVE this dinner. It’s called “roasted root medley.” I had a yam in the cupboard, some mini carrots in the fridge, I picked up some already cooked beets at the store last week that looked interesting… and onion on hand as well! But since I’m a “lets get it done FASTER” kitchen cook, I used a skillet instead of baking it. 🙂 Took about 20 minutes, doubled the recipe so I have a fast dinner tomorrow or Sunday and BOOM.

I HAVE to add… I was SUPER tempted to eat after dinner tonight when my hubby made his signature popcorn for a late night episode binge….. oh man. I am HAPPY to report, I did NOT cave!!!!


The day is done.

I anticipate my other 5 days of this first “RECLAIM” phase will be similar! On the fly- but if you got the right stuff in the fridge to grab- you are good to go.

My energy is DEFINITELY already going up, my brain clarity is amazing today, and I am feeling STRONG to conquer tomorrow!!!!!


Stay tuned for the remainder of the week with my personal review of week 1 next Thursday morning!


xo Robyn