down 4 lbs in a week: Ultimate Reset Week 1

Ok. Wow.

Its 6:30am my time as I type this, on the morning of day 8. For those sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about the weight loss- I lost 4 lbs this week, and fit into all my size 8 clothes. Isn’t it nuts that I went from a size 12 to an 8 in 5 weeks? Man. Once your body gets the right stuff… and your MIND is thinking the right way- it changes rapidly.


SO many things have transpired over the past week.


Here are a few things I learned after this first week on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset!

#1. The names of the phases of this Reset are no joke. The 3 phases are Reclaim, Release, Restore.

This first phase, RECLAIM, was exactly that. These are my thoughts after a REALLY rough day 5, when I realized a powerful change was happening within….


Day 7 was my worst with the meal plan. I had everything I needed in the refrigerator- but I didn’t manage my time well with a few unforeseen events happening. BUT— I did my BEST. I still took all my supplements, and I drank all my water but my meals were too spaced out and dinner didn’t happen until 9:30pm at night. And I added an apple in the middle of the day from the Pool snack bar (taking 5 kids to swim is no joke) because I was feeling light headed and still had 2 hours til I would be home to eat. No bueno… But like I said, Oh well! It is what it is, I did my BEST. I truly FELT like I reclaimed my POWER over food. I can go literally HOURS AND HOURS without eating and I’m not irritable. I’m not saying thats healthy—- I’m just saying that the foods I’m eating and the supplements that are helping my digestion has 100% helped me get back in control of my appetite and not being lazy about grabbing foods that will not serve my body.

FOODS I have loved: I have really loved eating less meats and dairy. I KNOW I feel better when I leave these aside in my nutrition. I KNOW it. But man, they just taste good. But I feel amazing without them. I know I have less inflammation in my body because I’m leaving them out. I really enjoyed eating sweet potatoes more! I loved the cashews, which I chose to eat in the form of Cashew Butter (YUM!). I look forward to the Vegan Vanilla Shakeology each day. Its literally a treat each day for me and my body. Its my favorite meal! Tastes like cake batter…. lol! I have enjoyed trying a few new things- I really liked the quinoa with the stir fried vegetables and the roasted root medley.

I really enjoyed the Yoga Sessions on Beachbody OnDemand that are specifically for the RESET.

I have become SO aware of how fierce my sugar cravings were before. I have become SO aware of the foods that would make me feel too full. I have become aware of my choices of foods that are less than healthy, that I was openly choosing to pay for at the store, outwardly saying were for the kids to have a treat now and then, I mean, they ARE kids……… when I was having my fair share as well. I have become SO aware that committing to this program 100% has given me back something I had lost, as I mentioned in the video. When you commit to something you KNOW is going to serve your health…. it adds a measure of confidence to your life. You are doing something HARD. Doing hard things gives us a chance to practice our personal power. We are each born with it. Its there if you look for it. You’ve probably felt it a time or two. But through many different mediums we stifle it.

Work stress. Food binges. Overeating, leading to foggy brain. Marriage stress. Kid stress. Leading to the perceived need to “veg.”


At the end of the day, the words that keep coming to my mind, is that I FEEL AGAIN.

Sometimes I don’t want to feel it all. Sometimes it’s hard to be so aware of myself. Sometimes it feels easier to be buried in stress, eat my feelings, say it was because I needed to, watch TV too much, scroll social media too long, and say its because I just needed down time. When really, I was stifling the awareness that I can accomplish my dreams. I can do amazing things. That I am amazing.


I feel amazing. I feel CLEAR. I feel ALIVE.


I have definitely RECLAIMED my personal power this week, by FEELING the stress, the hardness, the struggle. Isn’t food amazing?


Stay tuned for updates from week 2: RELEASE.

xo Robyn

I’d love to have you experience this too!!! Find info and your opportunity to invest in this for yourself HERE.