80 Day Obsession…. am I ready?

Folks…. I’m nervous! But I’ve learned…..that is when something is going to truly CHANGE for me.

When I feel all comfortable about something… thats when I’m setting myself up for failure or lack of growth. Because if its really HARD, but I’ve told myself it should be easy, then I quit super fast and feel like I failed HARD. Or if it really WAS super easy, then there is no JOY, no growth and often I feel like I wasted my time and $.



My time and $ are well invested. πŸ™‚

Look at some of these results from the original test group before launch??










I feel READY for change, and nervous for the details coming January 8! The meal plan is being released January 8, and the program officially launches from Beachbody (the company I coach with) on January 15th, 2018.


I have the opportunity to be in a TEST group for the launch… how cool is that? I get to be coached BY the creator of the Program, Autumn Calabrese herself! She also created 21 day Fix, Country heat, and the Chisel portion of Hammer and Chisel (which I loved!)Β 


Autumn put out a “prep” program, called “A Little Obsessed” to get ready for 80 day Obsession, and I’ve been faithfully doing those workouts for a few weeks now! I am SOOOO ready!


Something that will be unique to my experience— I’m really striving to eat vegan 6/7 days a week. My digestion, my mood, my sleep, my water retention, EVERYTHING is just better when I’m not eating all the cheeses, creams, drinking milk, eating meats or eggs…. it just IS. So I’m trying to cut it out. And I’m giving myself a day each week to have a few items I LOOOOVE……. like Pizza. πŸ™‚ And a scoop of frozen yogurt. Stuff like that. πŸ˜€ Brings my soul such happiness!

Besides the TEST group though, I realize that that experience is not for everyone—- so I’ve also teamed up with a few other coaches and joined an 80 day obsession group outside of the Coach test group and YOU can join me there if you’d like! Its already proving to be a great adventure as we figure out the equipment like the sliders, loops and nutrition plan. Like I said…. I’m nervous to be accountable to Autumn and myself and these groups for 80 days…. but I’m REALLY excited for the challenge.

I’m ready for a POWERFUL year with my food ON THE GAS after I’ve had to ride the brake since July 2016 when I became super sick with my last pregnancy, and then almost died during early delivery and massive surgery that ensued. A few months ago I felt that it was TIME to put the foot back on the gas…. and resume my rockstar life. πŸ˜€


BUT—– my brain had some healing to do that I wasn’t aware of. Some depression had set in that I was honestly unaware of until my husband lovingly suggested that something wasn’t right. And through talking to him and a few other amazing friends…. I was able to change my perspective, trust my decisions and MOVE FORWARD. SO much has happened in the last 18 months of my life. SO many lessons and truths I’ve found… and I am SO much more compassionate and well rounded. I am grateful for trial and struggle. They ALWAYS become strengths and gifts when we seek to find the truths in our experiences.


I truly love what I get to do as a Coach! I love being part of someone’s journey!!! I love having others along my own. I love sharing tips and ideas to help people steer clear of some of my mistakes. And help their journey be so much the smoother.


I’ll be sharing my daily journey, yep, 80 days, in an album on Facebook- find me there~ www.fb.com/robyn.c.whitworth

My motto for 2018 is to BE A FINISHER!!!!


Excited to have you long for the journey! AND PLEASE——> if you are ready to change YORU health, lets do it together!!! EMail, text, message me in Social Media, etc. And lets chat about all the options for YOUR health.


xoxoxo Robyn

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