My weight loss and PTSD journey begins

Mental illness and being overweight with a past diagnoses of prediabetes is a recipe for distress. At least, for me.
Here is my journey so far this year! I’m excited to share what is working, and to hopefully help others who struggle in similar ways! YOU SEE this SMILE????? This is ME feeling like ME for the first time in a long while…..
Me to my doctor 2 months ago: “I dont’ know what to do. I need to lose about 15 lbs to be at a healthy weight to sustain my reversed diabetes. No matter what I do, my scale doesn’t budge more than 2-3 lbs, and it just bounces up and down, up and down. No loss, no gain. I’ve worked out for an hour a day for 3 months with minimal change in weight. I’ve cut out sweets. I don’t drink soda. I feel super hungry when I try to limit my calories…. What do you suggest?”
Doctor: “Well, when this scenario happens I think it is either hormones, stress, or you are simply eating too much. For your weight and height, you really should limit yourself around that 1200 calories per day mark for weight loss. We’ll run a hormone blood test to see if that is an issue too, and do some blood sugar tests to be sure you aren’t diabetic again.”
me:”Ok. Lets do that.”
Blood tests are 100% clean. PS— this means you CAN reverse AND sustain a reversal of diabetes type 2 my friends.
Then he suggests I may be depressed, possibly some PTSD playing in and my body is feeling threatened.
At his suggestion, I venture to try prescription antidepressants for the first time in my life that include an appetite suppressant since I was so hungry a lot. The side effects of these trials were horrendous. HOLY cow. Wow.
So I back pedaled and decided to talk with my chiropractic physician who did his residency at a VA hospital and was very familiar with PTSD holistic treatment and diabetes. He treats a lot more than misaligned bones. He understands the systems of the body like no one else I’ve learned from and HOW to change them for your health. He had some explanations and ideas that hit home for me, so I moved forward with his treatment plan.
One thing that hit home for me was when he said, “After listening to you, and knowing everything you’ve been working through the past 2 years, I think you might be living in such a high state of anxiety, that you don’t even remember what you used to feel like. I think after you start this treatment, and your body starts to remember what it was capable of doing, you will have a day when you’ll say, “Oh ya. This is what life felt like. this is ME. This feels good.” And he was RIGHT.
Two weeks into it I started to feel my old self coming back. I started to be able to complete tasks without self sabotage. I started to feel confident again. I started to feel in control of myself in a healthy way for the first time in while. I didn’t even KNOW I was so far from myself. Mental illness is unsettling. But I’m SO grateful for effective treatment. I’m so GRATEFUL that I looked in more than one place for ideas and support. Now, 6 weeks in, I am still finding a few ups and downs and triggers, but I am feeling like ME. I am feeling my old GOOD habits for problem solving and positive thinking kicking in when faced with disappointments and life struggles and unknowns thrown at me. It is so refreshing and empowering!
If you have anxiety or mild depression and are looking for help in the Southeastern Idaho area, please consider a consultation with Evolution Chiropractic and see Dr. Bench specifically.
And the weight loss? I had to change my mindset about weight loss and how food plays into it. I had to go back to the basic facts about what foods I need to be eating for my body to let go of unnecessary weight without limiting calories or exercising incessantly. I know from many books that if the body has excess weight (that weight that gives you a high BMI score) it will release it in the right environment without excess exercise or calorie restriction. Every body is different but will shed excess when it is fed correctly. In 2012 I lost 32 lbs in 5 months with only food changes. No change in exercise. And I didn’t count calories, just went more plant based and watched portions. I know that food is POWERFUL. An it is the bigger piece of your weight loss success than exercise.
I was just coming off a program where my trainer was helping me build a lot of muscle do hopefully burn off fat. Which it did! I lost 12 inches during the program… but only a few actual pounds. Now, I would say that with my knowledge about muscle growth, I am positive that I lost body fat. When you lose inches and your body looks toned, but you didn’t lose weight, you have in fact replaced fat with muscle. Which is GOOD. This is KEY in a diabetic type 2 situation. The more muscle the better. Muscles will pull sugar from the blood stream for Energy, vs your liver needing insulin to convert it to energy to be used LATER. This program also pushed my mentally, which was needed, because it was my biggest trigger than I wasn’t myself. A program like this shouldn’t be SO hard for me to get through and do, but I struggled through it on a prayer, and after it was over I knew I needed to seek help. ALL good things! Every effort/investment toward your health is GOOD! Whether it reaches your goals or not. The data you can learn about your body’s response and your mental response is GOOD data to have. I’ve heard too many people say, “I’ve tried everything. I’ve spent so much money trying to lose weight and get healthy… nothing works for me. I just don’t want to try anymore.” That is sad to me. I think that they have a lot of information to work with! Its the mental energy and TIME to sit down and analyze what exactly DIDN”T work, and keep a list of what parts of it DID work moving forward. Priceless information there!
Anyway- I was learning what was feeling good and what was not.
The company I get to coach online with was coming out with a mindset program for learning to eat well. It wasn’t going to include exercise, just teaching about how to have weight loss and not restrict portions or count calories or cut out foods. I had first heard about it in January, and then again in April right before it launched. (April was when my doctor appointment and blood work had happened, and as I’m typing this, it is June.)
With some good things happening in my brain with herbs/spice/natural supplement blends from my chiropractic physician, I felt that I wanted to try this mindset program. I also felt that I needed to just “calm down” my efforts physically. Something inside said that my body was in a state of high stress and anxiety, and although working out felt good…. I needed to tone it down for my body to feel “safe.” I committed to doing yoga and pilates 2-3x a week. That change alone felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Then the mindset program for eating for weight loss launched and I was seeing my positive health circle of friends singing its praises! I had a family matter to get through and a vacation to Mexico to enjoy before having the mental space to take it in, but in May I got my box and dove right in and haven’t looked back. I am LOVING this program. I admit I was skeptical about how I was going to lose weight without some type of portion system or food guide… but this program is all about the DATA. Powerful word right there.
The DATA you collect by tracking your food daily. You track your food, and track your weight, and see what days give you a loss. Simple right? Mind blowingly simple. There are 21 videos that the creator put together that teach all about healthy eating, healthy cooking, how to shop healthy foods, and most importantly, how to think about food and why you are eating. She shares a lot of catch phrases and tips to help you eat healthy in all sorts of situations from eating out, to holiday gatherings, to when you just want to eat more of something. One of my favorite tips she shared, which I have shared with my clients for years is “Water first.” Just drink water before eating every time you eat something. Drink water first in the morning. Drink water first at the restaurant. Drink water first before the popcorn at the movie. Science has told us for YEARS that we need to be drinking more water as a species for better health. Water helps with every single one of our bodily systems. And……. that includes weight loss. You can’t tell me that drinking water is hard. If you feel that way, you just need practice. I did at one point. I understand- but once you practice and SEE and FEEL the changes, you realize you CAN drink water and such a simple thing helps your health so much that its silly not to do it! I can go on and on about the tips, recipes, ideas, phrases, and tools she has put together but if you are liking what you are hearing, just do yourself a favor and turn off the committee that is picking it apart in your brain right now (ya, I know the drill…) and just invest in it. It is sound information, and it works. It isn’t a fad. Its facts. It isn’t “unsustainable.” It is just good sense and changes your mindset about food that the “food giants (Kraft, Frito-Lay, Nestle)” have distorted over the last 50 years.
One last thing I learned in this program is a great way to think of “food groups.”
For YEARS I have been teaching my clients that there are only 4 food groups. Veggies, fruits, carbs and protein. I started teaching this based on what I have learned from reading a lot of books about digestion and well rounded eating for good human nutrition. I learned that the US government was WAY wrong when it put out the “5 food groups” in nutrition books and food guides. And even more incorrect when we learned the “food guide pyramid” in elementary school. Now my kids are learning about “My Plate.” But its still not right. The point is that my clients who incorporate more veggies in their diet, remove “3 servings a day of dairy” from their lives, and realize there IS no food group for beverages 😉 they see positive health changes. When I learned from this program that there are only 3 food groups and then food accessories, I just SMILED and thought, “YES. This is it. THIS is correct.” Click this link for your own copy to print! 2BMindset_NewWayToLookAtFood
There are Proteins that help us feel full and give our body a satisfied feeling, and there are Vegetables that are meant to fill us up and give us the most nutrients per bite, and there are Fiber Filled Carbohydrates for energy and then food Accessories that give flavor and fun to our meals. If you want to dive into this further, again, I admonish you to do yourself a huge favor and invest in this program and get all of these materials for yourself! AND BONUS….. if you order from me, you’ll get to be in my group where we share what we love, ask for help when things aren’t panning out, cheer each others successes, have weekly video chats, and daily check in posts in a facebook group that share videos from the creator, experiences and ideas from me, and a few other perks. 😀 And hello… you’ll get healthier too AND will see weight loss if your body has excess. THAT alone is worth it! 😀
I have seen my body lose 5 lbs in the last 4 weeks. With minimal yoga, no cutting food groups or counting anything and having my cake and eating it too. For the first time in a LONG time I am gaining a lasting health relationship with food and this is SO sustainable because its just SIMPLE and correct.

Here is the link to the package I suggest if you need to lose weight or just eat healthier. If your body doesn’t have excess to lose, you won’t lose. 🙂 Thats a key attribute to true healthy eating guidelines. Just a tip there. 😉 In fact, people who struggle to gain needed wieght, if they are underweigth have also found their bodies gaining with this program as their nutrients are pouring in and they are getting the food they need and feeling good about it. If you only need the videos and tracking journal, here is a link to get started with those.

I am SO thrilled to see a program that is simple, effective, and 100% sustainable for people who need to lose weight, like me.
So there you have it. Some ideas for those of us who are learning to live with and strive to heal our mental illness with the need for healthy weight loss too. 🙂
I get you my friends. I know the struggle. And there IS ways to change. You can ALWAYS change.
Id love to see your face in my Success Group online when you order one of these packages!