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  • Lemme guess… you do NOT want to waste your precious time and money on health programs that will only offer short-term results?
  • You have TRIED eating right, and for some reason just can’t create a sustainable system of meal planning… if the meal plan gets made at all?
  • Have a hard time investing time and money into yourself when the family needs seem to be greater?
  • Wondering what it would feel like to stop trying to hide that muffin-top or extra softness above your pants? Is that possible?!?!?!


“These challenges are making such a huge difference in my life! I have more energy, my body feels better, and I know I’m setting a good example for my daughter from a young age. She likes to stretchcrystal's collage with me on the yoga mat, and that makes me happy. My clothes are getting baggier and baggier, and my self confidence and self esteem are getting higher. I can do hard things! I am incredibly thankful for the nutrition education I am getting. I used to think I was eating so healthily. Nope! I was so wrong. But now I know what kinds of foods and how much of them to put into my body. These challenges with Robyn are a complete game changer!”
Crystal Mom of 1

Robyn Whitworth

My friends—-> believe me…. I’ve BEEN there.

Currently I can be found working from home in the great state of Idaho in a small suburban subdivision where my kids run wild daily outside my window.

My hubby and I wrangle four beautiful children, Aeva, Lily, Jaxon and Grant DAILY. We love to travel, hike, camp, play on the beach (wherever we may find it! East or West) and snuggle in for a good movie on Friday night.

I have been coaching fellow mom’s through health and positive life change since 2012, and currently lead a team of coaches on “Team Lifetime Fitness” doing the same. We currently number in the hundreds.  Changin’ lives baby!

Let me take you down memory lane for a bit so you can see that I really DO KNOW where you are coming from…..

In 2012 I was in a nasty place physically and emotionally…

 “continue reading About Me”

If you read my STORY… you KNOW that I can’t wait to work with—-> YOU! YES! YOU!

Lifetime Change IS possible!!!

I am SO excited to share with you what I have learned that hundreds of women have been able to see success and change with as well! When it’s right….. it just WORKS.

No gimmicks, no magic pills, no 5 minute miracle workouts…. 😉


So here’s the deal…


It is MY MISSION to educate, empower, and breathe belief into women who are just like us! Every month I take on a handful of people to work with me personally to begin their journey creating the LIFETIME changes they absolutely crave- physical strength, more definition and weight loss, beautifully coupled with POSITIVE self image and hope for the future!


“I was in the first group that Robyn started in 2014. My main worries were being hungry and having sugar cravings. I was ready for a Lifetime Change! I have kept eating clean (85-90%) of the time since then and here are my results. I have lost 29 lbs. My almost constant heartburn is moms transformationgone. My stomach pain is gone. My snoring has been reduced by 50% (my husband reports). I haven’t had a headache the whole time. I’m generally happier. My skin looks more moist and healthy. The other day I actually felt my body telling me it desired more activity…like getting on the treadmill or something! Now I haven’t felt inner compelled to expend any “extra energy” for quite some time! I’ve even dared think about getting ready to sign up for a 5k this Fall! How weird is that? Weird for me. My challenges have been the eating habit patterns that surface during the day that don’t support my new direction. Every time I go to town I have a thought about what treat I’m going to buy to enhance my “getting away” experience. Still my favorite saying to myself is that Robyn helped me define, “I don’t eat like that anymore.” My treat is that I’m not in pain anymore, that I feel my body gaining energy and health, that my future with my children and grandchildren is brighter due to better health, and that me and my husband can enjoy active lives into retirement.” Beverly C. Mom of 10



Why does  28 Day Kickstart achieve such sustainable results consistently?

In this program you will:

  • Learn the exact steps you need to take to change your body from where it is now to more defined, long and lean muscles, more strength over all by using low impact moves that engage the whole body using just YOUR bodyweight for resistance! No equipment investment needed!
  • Learn a proven approach that works for today’s busy woman — featuring clean eating and tasty, enjoyable food.
  • Receive one-on-one mentoring, group accountability and support tailored to your unique timetable, family dynamic, and goals!
  • Regain your energy, motivation and vitality with dense nutrition DAILY!
  • Spend less time worrying about dinner and more time enjoying it as we learn to meal plan in the first week!
  • This can save you not only time and money, but possible hospital bills and potential future health stress as this becomes a true LIFETIME CHANGE over the next 28 days!


I came to Robyn with a LOT of concerns about food, and time, and ability. As a busy mom of 4 kids, and a treat lover, and one that didn’t ever really exercise before, I didn’t want to feel restricted and stressed. Together we were able to make that happen and STILL lose Dominoe for SALES PAGEthe weight I wanted, and achieve results I was wanting for YEARS before this. I have been dedicated in my goals, and realistic in my time table, and I FEEL AMAZING.

I have lost 26 lbs and 12 inches in just 6 months!” –Dominoe H. mom of 4


What tools you will receive when you commit to the 28 Day Kickstart program?

  • 0133_j01339_whitworth-fixDAILY coaching and support from ME through online group or 1:1 through email (I work from my phone 90% of the time!) you choose! The daily communication will have a healthy recipe, motivation, and mini contests in the group format.
  • Genuine Support with access to my personal email and Facebook page for support, questions and ideas.
  • 7 Effective, time sensitive full-body workouts on 3 DVD’s or streaming online that you can do in your home that will tone up EVERY inch of your body without any equipment needed! Just you and your body.
  • Complete breakdown of what day to do each workout on a fun color workout calendar!
  • Simplified nutrition and meal planning, including 30 nutrient dense meals in the form of a delicious milkshake to cover the basic nutritional needs of the body each day.
  • Measurement tracking worksheets to track your physical CHANGES!
  • Free T-Shirt when you complete the entire program!


Here is what you will NOT FIND in the  28 Day Kickstart program:

  • A one-time “fix” diet that will leave you feeling deprived, and result in the yo-yo effect. We are going to help you find sustainable change! Are you stoked yet?
  • Recipes and food recommendations that are exotic and complex. Nothin’ you can’t handle!
  • One-size-fits-all program. We’ll work closely together to make sure that your food plan, workout schedule, and support are working for YOU and YOUR life.


” I lost 2.5 lbs and 1 in. (.5 off my waist and hips) in my first week. I losherin back to sharest 10 lbs and 3 inches off my waist in the first 2 months. I am loving these changes. I didn’t feel like I was on a diet or that I’m depriving myself. To date, I’m officially down 20 lbs since I stared.”

-Sherin S. Mom of 3




WHO ARE the PERFECT women for the 28 Day Kickstart program?

  • Mom’s between the ages of 21-45
  • Overweight or simply under toned Mom’s who desire to change from being buried in motherhood and just surviving in life, to investing in themselves and using tools that WORK to finally see those changes they KNOW they and their family deserve for a LIFETIME.
  • Mom’s who are tired of being tired, and want to change more than they want to stay the same.
  • Mom’s who like the idea of working out in the privacy of their own home and working with a Coach online.


Let’s start making those changes that you deserve to have in your incredible life.

No quick fixes…… LASTING changes.


Lifetime changes.


I joined a seven day clean eating group with Robyn.  For one week, I ate 100% clean and was so proud that I did it.   I then learned about the online challenge groups with Robyn and figured I had nothing to lose.  In November 2014, I started my first online Challenge Group doing the 21 Day Fix.  I was so scared but had a fire in me and I was ready.  Robyn provided great guidance and taught me many things and I wasn’t alone. Stacie 6 months There were others in my group cheering me on and sharing their progress and thoughts.  It wasn’t about me being better than anyone, it was about me improving myself.  It wasn’t easy, but after one week in, the biggest change was my confidence.  I smiled more, I feel better and I feel accomplished.  I was also so sore, although that meant my body was changing.  I craved more! Pounds and inches slowly came off. There were some weeks, nothing happened and it was super frustrating.  I stuck with it and my body eventually reacted.  In 6 months, I was down 30 pounds and 19.5 inches.  I know each body reacts differently and this was HUGE for me!! Through this all, Robyn has been by my side.  I have reached out to her in triumph and devastation.  She has given me such great advice and always seems to know what I need to hear.  Robyn is amazing and I have depended on her many times.  She has a wealth of knowledge and great compassion to share.” Stacie D. Mom of 2


And guess what, since you have read THIS far…. I have another BONUS for you!


I am SO confident that you’ll see changes…. that you can get ALL your money back at the end of this group if you are not seeing positive change. I’m cool like that. Yup. There is a 30 day money back guarantee. 


I’m honored to get to know you, work beside you on this journey, and connecting with the incredible woman behind this registration!


Let’s go.

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Option 1: 3 DVD’s with 7 workouts, 30 Shakes, Coaching, a Calendar, a Measuring tape, recipe booklet, 3 bonus items, access to my free shirt, private group – just $160

YES! Let’s Do this! 

Option 2 (my favorite): 600+ Streaming Workouts in addition to my 7 for this program, 300+ Printable recipes and workout materials, 30 Shakes, Coaching, 3 bonus items, access to my free shirt, private group – still only $160




Spring Fling


Still not sure if this program is a good fit for you? Have some concerns? Shoot me an email and let’s chat!

—->    Lifetimefitnessteam@gmail.com

Excited to get to know you, and work with you my friend! Xo- Robyn



Enjoy just a handful of TESTIMONIALS from other clients JUST LIKE YOU!




“This challenge was awesome! I am happy with myself for sticking it out 100%! I ate every meal and snack and kept up with the water. It is awesome that I lost 5 pounds in one week. I am loving the clean eating and am learning that it’s easy too. I really liked all the water drinking and hope that my body will soon adjust to it all! I learned that just because a food is clean it doesn’t mean you can eat large amounts of it all the time. Portions are important!” Brittney P. Mom of 4


“I did it! I actually stuck with it the whole time and ended up losing 4 lbs in a week. I had little time to devote to exercising this week so that weight loss is completely from changing the way I eat. Amazing! I feel so much better and no more afternoon slump. I never felt hungry and increasing the amount of water I drank was key. I’m so close to my pre-pregnancy weight that I’m going to keep up the clean eating until I get there. I’m on a roll! Thanks to everyone for your inspiration!” Krystal H. Mom of 2


“As other people watched me be careful about what I ate on a company retreat, they followed the trend. It was cool – we left this cabin retreat with almost all the junk food we brought. How is that for influence? It was cool. I love the group challenge as it provides support and great ideas from others. That is what pushed me – knowing others were watching.” Shelly D. Mom of 2


“I’ve lost 10 pounds since January! And lost 5 this month, February, all from clean eating! I only hit the gym 1-2 times a week which is nothing. Yey! Go us!!! THANK YOU, Robyn!” – Michelle G.


“I loved the Group! I learned my husband isn’t as picky about food as I thought he totally liked most all of the dinners I made. Even the turkey burgers!! But seriously though, I now have a lot to learn, but I think having everyone in the group to share with and read their experiences was very beneficial! I’m excited for the exercise group!” Emily A. Mom of 3


“I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to do this challenge because of moving & the chaos I’m living with, but I decided to give it a try, & I’m so happy I did! I lost 7 pounds & 2 inches off of my waist in one week! I am so incredibly proud & grateful for these challenges!” -Celia. B. mom of 3


“First off, 7 lbs lost and 1 inch off my waist the first week, super excited about this! Secondly, I learned so much. I lost that much without ever feeling hungry! It was challenging at times, some of those challenges were expected, some were not. I learned my body is resilient. I feel so much better after just one week. I have so much more energy, I don’t ache as much, I don’t need as much sleep, and I feel stronger. I also learned that this is doable if I am willing to work at it. I had kind of given up on my physical body. I felt I had ruined it and that was that. I know I can fix years of poor choices if I am willing to put in the work! This is just a starting point for me. I am fighting for much more than a 7 lb weight loss!!! Thank you all for the support, recipes and motivating thoughts!” -Kelly H. mom of 3

“Despite having a few slip ups I was still able to maintain a majority of clean eating. I lost 1 lb and .5 inches off my waist. Considering I did eat a little more than usual I am extremely happy about this. I learned this week that there is always a healthy option to any unhealthy snacks that I crave!” -Brianne F. Mom of 3


“I’m always amazed at how quickly the week passes and never disappointed after a week of 100% clean eating. I feel empowered by the food choices I made and lost 3.5 lbs and an inch off of my hips!” -Karen G. mom of 5


“Just since Wednesday afternoon, I’ve lost just over 3 lbs. I’m pretty sure I lost a couple between Monday and Wednesday, too, just not positive… I was also thinking on my way in to work this morning that I can have whatever I want for breakfast because I’m not doing the challenge anymore. And then I realized that I didn’t really want any of the sweets that we have here, but that a nice clean, healthy breakfast sounds sooo good!” -Robin. F. mom of 2


“Overall, I lost 2.8 pounds in one week. And -1 1/2 inches around the middle. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d lose anything going into this. I have been mostly clean eating before this, and haven’t seen much change. As I went to bed last night, I noticed a few chocolates I usually leave by my bed for those before bed chocolate cravings, and they weren’t interesting. I think I even gave them a dirty look. Like “why are you still here? I don’t need you!” This week I realized I’m stronger than I ever thought I was in a couple areas!!” -Ashley F.  mom of 4


“I am happy to report from the 7 day Group with Robyn, that I lost 3.6 lbs which puts me BELOW my pre pregnancy weight. I lost an inch around my waist. Jeans that did not fit six weeks ago when I went back to work after my maternity leave, now fit! I did not exercise at ALL, so I am now motivated to see what I can lose with watching what I eat and exercising!” Sheena W. mom of 3


“Robyn, you are an amazing coach! Thank you for empowering me!!!!” Jamie G. mom of 4


“So glad I had the opportunity to participate in this 7 Day challenge! Loved this past week! I lost 1.5 lbs. and 2 inches and feel great overall! I plan on continuing with workout programs and eating good! ” Nikki C. mom of 2


“Super excited! I lost 5 lbs! I had maybe half an inch off my waist-but still, it’s progress! Yesterday was really hard for me for some reason, but I’m glad I made it! I feel like I can do better now with food choices and I’m happy about it!” Kammie A. mom of 2


“This first week has been awesome! I lost 1 lb and 3 inches in only 1 week. I feel great! Let the challenge continue! If I can make good choices during the holidays, I can do it all the time! Merry Christmas to all of you in the group, and especially Robyn-  thanks for your support!” Rebecca A. mom of 3


“I’ve lost 3 lbs and 2 inches! I’d be lying if I said this week was easy, but it was easier than watching every calorie, feeling hungry all the time, or any other “diet” I’ve done. I feel better, my digestive system feels better, my skin looks better, and everything’s just better!!! I have PCOS and an insulin resistance and I’ve known I’m supposed to pair protein with carbs always, but this was the first time I’ve put it into practice.” Alicia H. mom of 3


“I am so excited lost 5.5 lbs and 1.5 inches from waist. Did not think could go a week without diet dew but feel so much better just drinking water. It was great doing this with my husband. We are going to keep making better food choices.” Laura C. mom of 5


“I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I woke up to weigh myself. I couldn’t “weight” to see my results ha ha! I lost 4.6 lbs this week and 2 inches (1 1/4 in. off my hips and 3/4 in. off my waist). I am so happy with the results. I’ve noticed that my skin even looks better after this first week challenge.” Jennifer J. mom of 2


“I lost a little more than 5 lbs and around an inch off my waist. More than that I gained confidence and knowledge. I hope those who didn’t join this time will try the challenge next time. It’s a boost I needed.” Rachel P. mom of 4


“My results are looking good….lost 3.6 pounds and 1/2 inch on my waist. I missed the part about measuring my hips so next time I will do so. This week was fun! This is my second time doing this challenge and I feel like I understand it a bit better each time. I can tell my body is adjusting to the increased amount of water that I’m drinking which is awesome! Less bathroom breaks. I enjoyed learning about flax, chia, agave, and kefir and may slowly add some of them to my diet. I never knew clean baking would taste SO GOOD! I LOVE all the great food I am eating now and will continue this challenge for another week at least to show myself that I CAN keep good habits!” Brittany P. mom of 4


“Lost 3 lbs. and a whopping 4 inches from my waist!! I had to measure twice to make sure I got it right, but that’s what it was! My big takeaway from this round was how beneficial a high protein breakfast is. I experimented this week with different breakfasts/amount of protein, and without fail, the days that I ate a big protein breakfast, I was less hungry and had more energy while the days I had smaller protein amounts for breakfast, I was hungry earlier in the day. So big protein breakfasts it is! Thanks, Robyn Whitworth!” Lillian J. mom of 4


“Shocked with my results this week! I lost 5.4 lbs and 1 inch off of my hips. My waist stayed the same. This is my third time participating in Robyn’s free 7 day challenge. The first two times I lost 3 lbs. One time with no exercise and the other time with three days of exercise. This time I exercised 5 days. I have been exercising consistently so continued with that this week. I have been eating mostly clean since the first time I did this challenge at the end of July so other than being 100% this week my eating wasn’t much different from my usual. I have lost 20 lbs overall in the last three months. I’ve lost or maintained each week except the week I went to disneyland (gained 3). I notice the weeks I am more focused on eating clean I always have positive results. I love that I’m not killing myself with exercise to have change when in the past I thought I was eating healthy and sometimes not seeing desired results. Robyn has taught me there’s a difference between eating healthy and eating clean. Thanks Robyn Whitworth!” Karen G. mom of 5


“Ok, here are my results from the recent free clean eating challenge group: 3.2 lbs and 2 inches lost! This puts me only 1.2 lbs away from my ultimate goal-weight, which is SO doable! This week was challenging for me and I had lots of temptations. But, I ate clean 90% of the time and had great results. Thanks, Robyn Whitworth!” Jennifer J. mom of 2


“Robyn, I did it! This is just what I needed to get me back on trackI took this challenge because I had fallen somewhat off the “clean eating wagon” since I was without a kitchen for 8 weeks during our remodel. I did pretty darn good for awhile but bad habits and too much processed foods snuck back in. I had gained 15 lbs and some of my clothes were getting too tight. The skin on my arms and upper back is breaking out.  Some symptoms of Candida overgrowth have come back from too much carbs and sugar. Some joint pain has returned. I lost 5 lbs! My breakouts are going away. Joint pain better. Candida symptoms have gone” -M.M.


“Overall. Huge success!!! I feel amazing I have more energy. I feel like I have a renewed sense of self. I worked extremely hard. And it showed. I learned some important lessons. I also realized just how dedicated I am to myself and my health. -7 inches and -2 lbs.” -L.F.


“The week is done but my “Clean Eating” has just begun! I have always eaten pretty good but I want more than just pretty good! My clothes are a bit looser and I feel more energetic. Thanks for the opportunity and inspiration Robyn!” -K.M.


“Another clean eating challenge under my belt. This week was more difficult for me as I’ve been sick and low on energy. I had many moments where “comfort foods”were calling my name. However, once I commit, I commit. I didn’t give in. Lost an inch in my waist. 1/2 in around my hips. 3 lbs. Feeling great and in my happy zone!” -K.G.


“I liked all the healthy food suggestions! Even tried some! It was nice to be held accountable. I learned I just want to eat whole foods. I still need a snack, and need more self control so I don’t dip into my hubby’s stash of Cadburry Mini Eggs (but they did keep me awake during meetings today! LOL!) I also learned that my kids will eat what I have in the house. If I buy the junk, they eat the junk. If I have apples, carrots, bananas, cucumbers, whole wheat crackers, etc available for snacks, that is what they will eat. And I do, too. smile emoticon I’ve learned to not offer the ‘good stuff’ (a roll, or strawberries, or whatever I know they want, until they have eaten what I’ve fixed…they have eaten all their food so far!!! It’s worked great for my picky eaters, and while they might turn up the nose, they don’t come back in an hour saying they’re hungry!!!) I still am in love with carbs. Will continue to work on it. Just need to tell myself that ‘chasing’ 4 kids doesn’t warrant an overload of calories. Thanks so much, Robyn, for all of your help and heading this up!!!” Deanna P.


“I thought I WAS eating healthy before. I don’t do boxed stuff most of the time. But through this challenge I did realize that my kids eat a ton of sugar and I really don’t know how the change that-(they are ultra picky- like refuse dinner most nights and puke early morning because of it). I let them eat whatever for breakfast just so I have one less battle in the morning. I really liked everyone sharing their ideas and experiences and especially food ideas- cuz I’m out! I need inspiration. I felt bad I couldn’t start on everyone else’s day 1 cuz I just couldn’t make an extra grocery trip mid week- gotta at least try to stick to the budget. I’m not good at counting calories and portion sizes, or estimating how much produce I need to buy/use before it goes bad. I love bread and salty crunchy stuff, but learned I don’t mind skipping sweets. Thank you Robyn!!!!” Kristin B.


“I liked being accountable to someone, even though I didn’t always post what I ate. I love the support, encouraging others and being acknowledged for when I did good. Like the idea of posting photos of what I ate. I did eat some ice cream – but try being around it 8+ hours a day. I definitely ate much less. The biggies for me was not picking up any “treats” (ie the cookies and muffins I so love) and being more prepared with food to take to the store. A whole week of not picking up sandwiches, soups (which lead to those cookies right by the register) and food from delis because I didn’t make time to prepare food to eat healthy. Also felt much better. Not as much stuff in my nose in the am, and just over felt better. Eating crap makes me feel like crap.” Kris. S.


“I had a great time! It’s fun to try new things and see what works for me. I measured this morning, and I lost 4 inches in my waist line. I think that’s pretty awesome! (I measured like 4 times just to be sure) “ Diana O.


“I liked the shared recipes. I thought people sharing struggles and triumphs was inspiring. I really appreciated the good info posted here by Robyn and others about nutrition. I had wanted to start doing something better with my eating but just didn’t know where to start. This challenge along with the great “starter kit” Robyn provided was all I needed to get started. I didn’t lose any inches  but that isn’t the only reason to eat better I know. Overall I felt less sluggish and hardly any heartburn which I was having daily and nightly. I felt tempted to buy things in the store, but at home the temptations are not too bad if there isn’t a plate of freshly baked cookies on the table? I have been telling myself “I don’t eat like that anymore!” Beverly C.


“Holy smokes Robyn Whitworth, I was down 4lbs. And 1 1/4″ in my waist this morning. DANG! (Not that I ever doubted you) 🙂 Loved this challenge. I feel much better too. Thank you Robyn for helping me and my family make a much needed change for the better.” April C.


“Something I’ve enjoyed during this challenge is finding new ways to eat things. Robyn has had coach me through some, but I’ve discovered some healthier alternatives. Like chili beans (not chili) and fresh cut salsa on my salads instead of Ranch. And also fresh cut salsa on my eggs to add health and a little zing. And who knew how good apples are dipped in peanut butter?? Not I. Thanks Robyn!!” Hannah C.