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Robyn WhitworthHello friend! I’m one lucky gal to have had you stop by today!

Thank you for taking time to discover who I am, and if this pathway to health will be a good fit for you.

You are most likely here because you have struggled with eating right, losing weight, or just trying to get that darn body to finally CHANGE! You might even be here because you are looking for some simple steps to keep your sanity as a busy mom and keep yourself taken care of physically. I can relate with you there!

I currently live in the arctic world of Idaho Falls, Id. My husband and I have been married since 2002, and have four beautiful children, Aeva, Lily, Jaxon and Grant. I currently work from home as an entrepreneur building an online business assisting people all over North America with their food choices and exercise choices to see lifelong positive health changes. I have been personally coaching and blogging about health and positive life change since 2012, and currently lead a team of coaches doing the same, numbering in the hundreds! We are changin’ lives baby! 🙂 Our marriage is strong, our health is better than ever, my body image is positive, and the desire to help others improve their lives through bettering their health is SUPER HOT. After all… this wasn’t always the case.

As mentioned above, I am the proud mom of 4 children, each of whom are MIRACLES! I am no stranger to infertility issues, and each of my babies were born via cesarean section. (That baby pooch? You CAN change it!) I am also a survivor of food addiction! Yep… I used food to cope with the challenges of motherhood, college, and marriage troubles for YEARS. I have vivid memories of crying into my pillow, not knowing what to do to FEEL better. I have BEEN there my friend! I KNOW what it is like to feel trapped in my own circumstances. Wondering HOW to change things… but not knowing where to start. And when the doc looked me in the eye in early 2012 and said, “You need to lose 40+ pounds and change your lifestyle or you’ll be on medication within a few years” I hit an all-time low. I knew my family needed me, and I wanted to be around for a good LONG time…. things had to change.

Through learning on my own (by checking out LOTS of books at the library, and interviewing several health professionals and holistic doctors— I’m a self researcher of sorts….) I learned a lot about eating RIGHT. How the digestive system WORKS, and what the body NEEDS to truly be HEALTHY and function properly.

I did some digging around and looked at different theories about what “Healthy Eating” really is, and guess what? I found a LOT of info. With so much information at our fingertips, do you ever feel like you are drowning in the sea of voices saying, “This diet is #1 in America!” or “This #1 food will shrink your belly!” or “This one tiny pill will change your whole life in 1 day!” or how about “You’ll never feel hungry again with this ONE trick!” I KNOW you’ve heard at least ONE of those amazing declarations!

But I am not here to proclaim a miracle.

I am here to be a speaker of TRUTH.

I am here to TEACH what I have learned, and to share with you EXACTLY what I have done to lose 48 lbs, and maintain it since 2012. I know the struggles. I really do. I KNOW that its hard to know what is REALLY going to stick and what REALLY is the “right” thing to do- and for a long time I just ignored it all, wondering if I’d ever know. After all, I’m a little bit of a thrifty person- and I was not about to waste time and money on a fad.

Since 2012, I have been able to help HUNDREDS to change their lives and either lose weight, or tone up, or both- and together we have learned to begin mastering FOOD addiction and have that MINDSET change that leads to a true LIFESTYLE change. I have learned SO much, and I am SO excited to share all my tips and recipes and ideas with you! My kids have seen me change, and my husband has finally jumped onto the healthy eating wagon as well. (I know… it IS possible my friends! But often, we have to take the leap FIRST!)

But rest assured—–> No quick fixes. No unsustainable crazy food charts or calorie counting. (What?! I know…. you almost fainted. But it’s TRUE.)

Just real food, real effective exercise, a healthy mindset, and my favorite part: ME as your genuine friend to support you and chat with you on a regular basis as we take these steps together to change your life! Isn’t that so cool!?!?!? YES! I actually WANT to know you! I WANT to see your face, and learn about YOU and be SURE this is a good fit for you, and then work with you to change for the better!

I wanna warn you…… beware the quirks. I CAN get a little bit… ok, like, a LOT a bit excited about how COOL it is to make simple choices that will compound into a life that is a million times more amazing than you can’t even imagine right now!


I truly believe that if you change your health…. you change your life.


Cheers to finding a place to make that happen for you.

Can’t wait to start our journey together!

xo- Robyn

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