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Do you love your job?
Does it offer you flexibility that you need for your family values?
Are you leaving a legacy of helping other people and really using the talents you’ve been given to live a life you LOVE?

I used to DREAM about having a life of more freedom. I used to dream of having work that was really impacting people and changing families for the BETTER.
I am a wife and mother, first and forever. And I believe that motherhood is one of the BEST ways to impact the future for good. But I also believe that every human has talents and gifts that reach beyond the home and family, to effect and HELP other people as well.

Within Team Lifetime Fitness I’ll be able to show you an opportunity that is unmatched for being able to REALLY impact people for good through physical health. I’ll guide you through the process we’ve developed to build a successful business from home coaching others through our fitness and nutrition programs.
We believe that when someone changes their health… they change their LIFE.

And through this business opportunity, our team has helped HUNDREDS to change their lives for the better!

If you are looking for a CHANGE in your life, and you’d like to join one of the fastest growing teams in our network simply email me at, call me 208.313.4741, fill out the application at the end of this article OR click this link and fill out the simple entrance information and I will see your registration within 24 hours and be ready to celebrate with you.

I know what its like to be working in a job where the income is capped, and you feel like you’ll never get ahead. I know what its like to wonder how you’ll make ends meet and provide for the kids’ needs as they grow. I know what its like to feel like you have MORE to offer, if just given the right vehicle to do so.

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The Coaches in our network are bettering their health, as they assist others in inviting them to do the same! We all RISE together in all aspects of our lives.
Some are bringing their spouse home more, and enriching their marriages and family life with more freedom. Some are gaining health and a life they never had before, and its exhilarating to have tools to do so.

Your life CAN be what you envision. Your life CAN be more free, and more meaningful. You CAN help others as you help yourself. And you WILL get the road map and support from our team to get you there!

xo Robyn Whitworth

Founder, Team Lifetime Fitness




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